Fox News: Religious liberty group defends veterans memorial against ‘bully’ trying to remove Bible from display

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  1. John folsom

    Mikey, as a Jewish veteran , I served my country and believe that the YmuSA was founded as a Jewish /Christian country and as an Atty. I would like to suggest to you that if you don’t agree with this way of life and s belief in G-D thin I suggest you move. Get the hell out of the USA ,and if you can’t afford the bus ticket let me know and I will provide you with a one way ticket. I am a past post commander of JWV Post 976

  2. Jeff

    John: the USA was not founded as a Jewish or a Christian country. It is not coincidental that the word God does not appear in the constitution. The writers understood what you apparently do not: that separation of religion and government is a prerequisite for religious freedom. Citizens who defend religious freedom for all should not be bullied to leave the country. That violates their rights and turns our country into a theocratic dictatorship.

  3. MRFF Admin

    Dear John,

    As a self-proclaimed Jewish veteran, attorney and past post commander, one would think you’d know enough to not leap to assumptions. Worse, one would think, at a minimum, that you’d know enough to not make an assertion based on an assumption. Your assumption is not only incorrect, it is foolish, which leaves you looking like a fool for having decided and then declaring that Mr. Weinstein doesn’t believe in God.

    On your other point, you could be right. If by suggesting Mr. Weinstein doesn’t “agree with this way of life,” you are quite right if by “this way of life” you mean one that imposes its belief system on others without concern for their own freely chosen belief or non-belief. You see, Mr. Weinstein thinks it’s wrong to suggest that a Christian cross properly honors the memory of prisoners of war and those killed or lost in war when some of them were not Christians. He thinks ignoring these men’s backgrounds and their own religious or non-religious choices dishonors them by ignoring them and by pretending they and their belief systems do not matter. Mr. Weinstein believes they do matter and he believes that the U.S. Constitution is correct in protecting our freedom of religion or no religion by refusing to endorse any particular belief system over all the others that exist. So if you”re suggesting that shoving one belief system, popular or not, down the throat of everyone, regardless of their own freely chosen belief, is the “way of life” you want him to agree with, you lose.

    In more ways than one.

    Mike Farrell
    (MRFF Advisory Board Member)

  4. Robert Bonhoeffer

    Mr. Farrell,

    The Blandenberg Cross was erected with private money with the help of the families who lost loved ones from that city during WWII along with the help of the American Legion, a non-Christian organization. It has stood there for close to 100 years and no problem up until now, because a atheist organization wants to erase every virtue of religion from our country. Besides, according to all reports, the SC is leaning very heavily towards allowing it to stay!

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