8/1/19 – Media Coverage Of MRFF Client Harassed By Rabbi Spreads

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  1. B.B.

    I think it is all her fault. She is a hottie that wanted to get laid by a rabbi so she seduced him. Woman are always the seducers and manipulators like Jezebel in the bible.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Mutters to myself….
    “Can’t tell if BB is being deliberately provocative or if they really believe the garbage they spew…”

    Wanders about seeking a better perspective.

  3. BirdManBlue

    Nice call. It’s always the woman’s fault, right? That’s why they should be covered in burqas and kept away from healthy, lusty men without self-control right? I’m sure your life is filled will healthy relationships with women.
    Get thee out of the 7th C, you troglodyte.

  4. Perry

    Well, BB, where do I start? If you read anything more than just the headline you would’ve found that the rabbi had a track record of this type of harassment. The Army has already taken action against a chaplain involved in this matter. The Chabad organization has also suspended the rabbi involved but he was recently reinstated. Are you that naive that you can’t smell a cover-up? I get the feeling you would blame the woman in a rape case because she wore high heels and smiled at the guy. There are many write-ups of this case. You should read more about it before making a fool of yourself with a spot judgement.

  5. B.B.

    LOL – I am totally messing with all of you, just wanted to a rise out of all of you. I read the article and yes the rabbi is at fault here, it was fun reading your replies.

  6. Marshalldoc

    So, ”B.B.”…is just ‘totally messing with all of you…”. Makes one wonder why someone would post a deliberately provocative comment, particularly such a reactionary one, regarding an issue that’s of major importance to many people. Well, my thoughts tend toward a sense of profound inferiority and powerlessness such that ‘B.B.’ can only find a sense of worth by making people react to ‘him’… “See how they jump to my command!”, and then laughs it off, ”Ha, ha, was only playin’ with ‘ya”. This is a similar, but muted, expression of the kind of damaged personalities that perpetrate horrors like Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton… “See how they jump to the command of my SKS!”. It’s bad enough that there are folks who actually believe in what ”B.D.” posted initially, but to manipulate the issue in order to gain personal empowerment is truly twisted. “B.B.” – Get help.

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