9/3/19 – Viral MRFF Media Surge Over Bible at VAMC, NH Ignited by Pence Speech and Tweet Continues

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  1. Jean Netherton

    So let’s give Pence some religion. Let’s put a book from every religion on that table.

  2. BRP

    Besides the bible, I think we should also add “The History of Jihad” by Robert Spencer, “Rise” by Brigitte Gabriel and “The Sword and the Simitar” by Raymond Ibrahim, because many vets fought radical Muslims.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    I read in one of the responses that literature from other faiths was added to the bolted down Bible. No surprise to me they were removed and the only book allowed to remain was the Christian Bible. We are fighting Christian Nationalists after all.

    BRP – how old are you? I ask because your suggestion to add books by noted Islamaphobes is a stunt an adolescent would make while pretending to be an adult.

    I find BRP’s suggestion amusing because the books (all hatred promoting opinion pieces) would have equal weight with the Christian Bible. To paraphrase Mr I. Montoya, I don’t think your gesture means what you think it means.

    ~ Sometimes the bare truth is said without any deliberate intention by the sayer.

  4. the majority

    Beware of #Christofascism hate mongers wrapped in pseudo religious illusions. Religion can’t sanctify hate anymore than it can excuse violence. Keeping religion your private practice vs government who’s job is to keep your beliefs free and all other and nonbelievers free from government interference is literally why the American Revolution. WWII is how our grands won over authoritarian and racial hate and Dominionism. We will not tolerate your unconstitutional co-opting of our republic.

  5. Gordon Neil

    Newsflash! MRFF employees and supporters experiencing alarming levels of mental anguish over their direct line to White House and Pentagon cut since Trump took office. Atheist counselors and other resources are called in to help counsel those affected.

  6. Grey One talks sass


    Shouldn’t all Americans feel the anguish as theocrats and grifters make a mockery of our Constitution? The fact you come here to gloat tells me you are one of those Christian Nationalists who prefer a theocracy.

    I would hope your eyes are opened but I don’t count on it as theocrats love people who have the truth in front of them but refuse to see it. As far as I’m concerned, you are the enemy domestic I’m fighting.

  7. G

    BRP, look at all the horrible things that God did that are listed in the Bible?

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