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  1. BRP

    Now the only way they knew about this is if Mikey called. It will not change the VA’s position which came down today from the top. Bibles will become inclusive at all VA hospitals on all missing man tables. What is also now being allowed are holiday displays with the wording Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah. Mikey invest in some adult diapers because I believe he is going to crap in his pants over this.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    And there we have it, the unconstitutional religious test with a Bible on every POW/MIA table. BRP sounds gleeful at the destruction of the Constitution. Makes me question their motives – could be a bot?

    It is my own personal hope Christian Nationalists continue to push boundaries hard until they break; the result being a public shaming of any Theocratic abusers. With one voice citizens cry out No More! and religion becomes a private affair never to be seen in the public square again.

    To avoid my hopes coming true all Christian Nationalists have to do is share and follow the Constitution like everyone else in the country.


    Oh, I need to breathe! So, I know better. Christian Nationalists are the bullies of the playpen. They won’t share even if Christ tells them to. Oh wait, he did. There’s even a book…..

  3. G

    BRP, if you want holiday displays, then we need to have them from all religious denominations plus having all religious books at the VA hospitals at the missing man tables. .

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