Veteran Behind VAMC Bible in a Box Believes Oath Cannot be Sworn on Koran

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  1. BRP

    He would be right, because Sharia law which comes from the Koran, violates our Constitution.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    BRP – the same can be said for the Christian Bible. After all we’ve seen it stated clearly on this very site – Christian Nationalists are a Christian first, citizen of the USA second.

    Say, isn’t that exactly the same as Sharia Law? I’m going to bet (and I only bet on a sure thing) if I compare a list of Sharia Law vs the literal interpretation of the Christian Bible that I’d find more in common than not.

    Oppression is oppression no matter who is trying to seize control.

    The Constitution was written to be free of religion. Why? Because the founding fathers knew all to well how the priest class liked to bully anyone not in their approved list. They knew the dangers so well that when a measure came up to include religion in the Constitution it was soundly voted down.

    Christian Nationalists, y’all are a determined bunch. Can’t get what you want legally you rewrite history and hope no one notices.

    I mean, yeah, you’re still the enemy but I doff my chapeau in respect. That’s some long term thinking there.

  3. Fran

    You can legally swear on anything you please. You can swear on a Harry Potter book if you want.

  4. Tom O

    The biggest difference between the fundamentalist Bible thumpers and the fundamentalist Koran thumpers is the book they thump “unbelievers” with.

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