Manchester VAMC POW/MIA Table Lawsuit Will Move Forward; MRFF’s Statement on This Morning’s Federal Court Hearing

We are very pleased by what happened in Federal Court in Concord, New Hampshire today as skillfully argued by Attorney Larry Vogelman of the Nixon Vogelman law firm.

The Federal judge, Paul Barbadoro, adopted our MRFF client’s argument that discovery had to occur and more facts developed regarding the history of the POW/MIA table and the Christian Bible before he could make the final decision on the merits of the case.

On the standing issue, the Federal judge understood and seemed to agree with our MRFF client’s argument that our client had standing to object to the Christian Bible on the POW/MIA table despite the fact that he, our MRFF client, is a Christian. On that issue of standing, the Federal judge reserved judgment and will write an opinion to come later.

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  1. BRP

    Your client is a Christian my ass. He is no Christian, maybe in name only, and he might have a surprise when he dies and finds his name not written in the book of life, no second chances then.

  2. Grey One talks sass


    Is that all you have? Vague threats and tales of what might happen?

    Honestly the glee you exhibit leads me to believe you have a fetish about watching people suffer. There are groups for that, just so you know.

  3. Jeff cook

    Fuck you and fuck your client. Every vet I’ve ever known, that has served under fire, has prayed to the God you are mocking. And by the way… it’s “freedom of”, not “freedom from.”

  4. G

    So what if every veteran has prayed to God while under fire? Not all people have prayed to God while under fire. Besides, if you are under fire, how do you find time to pray to God?

  5. Grey One talks sass

    We the People are fighting a war with Christian Nationalists. Our enemy doesn’t acknowledge facts. They don’t share with anyone outside their clan. They would force their faith on everyone and see nothing wrong in doing so.

    How then to defeat them?

    That is a question left for a wiser person than myself for I just want to smite the stupid out of them. And smiting everyone leads to anarchy and barbarism… humans have performed this cycle for millennia. It’s time for something new.

    (And freedom from religion is included in freedom of religion but I guess logic isn’t the Christian Nationalists strength.)

  6. Ron Russman

    Religion is not always a cause for war but always factors in as a facilitator.

  7. dave ashbrook

    Grey One Talks Sass is the sart one here for sure!

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