10/14/19 – MRFF Censures Pompeo’s Unconstitutional Christian Leadership Speech

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  1. WFZ

    First of all this was not a state department event, this was a conference of Christian counselors and he as a Christian was talking to fellow Christians, so this does not violate any separation of church and state, any more than Pompeo speaking a CUFI conference.

    Secondly, Mikey has gone complete psychotic saying that Pompeo should resign in disgrace along with “any monstrosities that support him.”

    Finally, Mikey needs to have someone give him a Lorena Bobbitt circumcision.

  2. B G

    But Pompeo is responsible for the posting of his views and speech on the official US State Department Website. That is not okay and is a violation of the separation of Church and State.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    The Christian Nationalists have their undies in a bunch, don’t they?

    Pompeo’s speech to American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) at its 2019 world conference in Nashville, Tennessee about what it means to be a Christian leader isn’t the issue (so much). If he’d just given the speech no one would have even known.

    The fact is he then posted the monstrosity on the landing page of the State Department web site.

    That’s an issue.
    Christian Nationalists – they always have to push.

    Pompeo’s speech incorporates every talking point We The People have debunked repeatedly. So not only is the State Department now promoting Pompeo’s specific idea of religion, they are also (and too) promoting a bunch of lies.

    Mikey is right. Pompeo and all those like him should resign their positions because they violated of the oath of office by placing their God and faith before the Constitution.

    Of course such people like Pompeo have no sense of honor, only the insatiable craving for power so no, resignation is not in the future.

    As a scientist I’ve watched the mix of government, religion, and the power craving before. It never ends well no matter how many times the experiment is repeated.

  4. Grey One talks sass


    A. You missed the point of the article
    B. You misused the word ‘psychotic’. Mikey is not suffering from a break from reality based on medication or mental illness. Way to go though on sliming a class of people who’d rather not live with mental illness, thankyouverymuch.
    C. You end with a physical threat wrapped in an anti-Semite slur all wrapped in you trying and failing to be cute.

    What a toxic blend of racism, privilege, and violence. Perhaps Mikey’s lawyers should pay you a visit?

  5. Marshalldoc

    “Finally, Mikey needs to have someone give him a Lorena Bobbitt circumcision.”

    WFZ – You do realize, of course, that bringing the discourse down to the level of threats of personal violence works two ways don’t you? By making a threat such as you did, you open yourself to the same and, if events proceed to the level of actual physical violence, you’re as vulnerable as anyone else and could as easily end up having to sit to empty your bladder as those you threaten. Is that really where you want the discussion to go?

  6. BioLib

    I watched his speech and there is nothing unconstitutional about it at all. He is at a private event, and he is a Christian speaking to other Christians on how he approaches Christian leadership.

    This speech is no more unconstitutional than his speech at the CUFI conference. Speaking as a Christian as to why Christians should support the nation of Israel to an audience of Christians and Jews. That also being a private event.

  7. Grey One talks sass

    So BioLib, I guess you missed the part where he posted his speech on the front page of the State Department website?

    You ok with the State Department endorsing Pompeo’s flavor of Christianity?

    Because that is exactly what you just said in your comment.

  8. BioLib

    Grey One,
    Well that is no longer an issue so no harm no foul.

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