MRFF saves Halloween twice in a week.

To Mikey Weinstein and all the MRFF staff:

Will make this as short as possible. Was at first worried to write this because if anyone finds out me and my family could face some consequences. But the aid from the MRFF was too strong not to write this thank you.

I am a (junior officer rank withheld) in the United States (service branch withheld). I am stationed with my family at (military installation name withheld).

I was put in charge of our (military unit’s name withheld) annual Halloween party for the troops and our families way back in early July of this year. i worked with other (military unit name withheld) members and their families to make this a great event.

However just last week our (superior military unit’s name withheld) Commander made the totally sudden decision to cancel this event for the first time in anyone’s memory. He claimed that having our (military unit’s name withheld) celebrate Halloween was “disrespectful to Christian personnel” as it elevates “satan over Christ”.

WTF? I could not believe this happened? My spouse and many others were shocked. And by the way my spouse and I are both church going Christians as are most of the others helping with this Halloween event.

But what was worse was when we went to our (military branch name withheld) chain of command and they were all too frightened to challenge our (military unit name withheld) Commander’s decision. Same when we went to JAG and the Chaplains. Nobody would stand up for Halloween in the face of our (military unit’s name withheld) Commander’s call to shut it all down.

My sister is also a (military branch name withheld) officer stationed abroad. When I called her as a last resort she suggested contacting the MRFF for help as she did when she was a (cadet or midshipman) at the U.S. (military branch name withheld) Academy a few years ago. I never thought that I too would need the MRFF’s help as she had.

Mr. Mikey Weinstein actually answered my first call himself and spent almost an hour on the phone with me & my spouse and some of the other folks in our (military unit’s name withheld). The MRFF has representatives here at (military installation’s name withheld) and Mikey called them and got them to work with him to take on this mess.

I am not going tell you what Mikey did because it would out a lot of people. A lot of very good people.

But what I can tell you is that he found a special (military branch name withheld) regulation and US Supreme Court case which we could use to fight back.

The very next day our (military unit’s name withheld) Commander rescinded his prior canceling of the Halloween event and it was back on!

But unfortunately he also made a decree that no one, especially children, could wear costumes that were of a “satanic nature” or “celebrating satan” such as “devil, demon, witch, vampire, monster or skeleton” costumes.
There were many other Halloween costumes on the list which were likewise banned. Including pumpkin costumes! One of my kids was going to be the cutest pumpkin for Halloween. No one challenged our (military unit’s name withheld) Commander here again.

That was too much to believe! We went back to our chain of command and they told us to just be “satisfied that we’re even having a Halloween party.”

Again we called Mikey and the next day the stupid Halloween “pro-satan” costume restrictions were dropped.

The MRFF was 2 for 2 in saving Halloween! We can only wonder how our (military unit’s name withheld) Commander will handle Thanksgiving and the whole holiday season just around the corner?

This whole thing has given me, my spouse and many others here at (military installation name withheld) a true wake up call to the illegal stronghold which certain Christian commanders have on the (name of military branch withheld). Unless you have gone through this yourself it is hard to digest and believe. You feel alone and small. And disappointed and confused.

But the worst of all of this was not receiving support from our intermediate commanders whom we went to for help first. Most of them admitted they supported us silently but none of them would do so on the record to our (military unit’s name withheld) Commander. Which is why we all followed my sister’s advice to then call the MRFF.

I know that me and my family and those who worked with us to keep the Halloween party and allow for the usual Halloween costumes may still face blowback from our chain and the (military unit’s name withheld) Commander. All because we sought help from the MRFF and Mr. Weinstein. Everybody pretty much knows that the MRFF was involved now.

Even if that happens it will still have been worth it. We upheld our oaths to the Constitution to keep church and state apart. And we will call the MRFF again to help us fight the blowback!

Thank you to Mikey Weinstein, And the MRFF reps here at (military installation name withheld) and everybody at the MRFF for standing up for us when no one else would do it. (military officer’s name, rank, title, military unit and military installation all withheld)

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  1. Eric Cooper

    As a Witch and a Veteran I’m not shocked at all. These Evangelical bigots have no clue and feel there beliefs trump everyone else’s and thanks to MRFF get put in line rather quick. I’ve had to deal with these types such as your commander when in Iraq running a Pagan group but fortunately we also had a Battalion Chaplain who had our back regardless of belief. This is common and unfortunate but looking at our current administration and the liberties they take it gives these bigots the green light to act this way. Good job MRFF. Eric Cooper, US Army SSG Retired

  2. BioLib

    I pity you Eric, you face any eternity apart from God unless you repent before your appointed time is up here on Earth.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    BioLib issues warnings of being separated from their idea of god, a deity who states upfront they are vain and jealous and that witches, along with bunches of other scary folk, must not be suffered to live.

    Yeah, I want to spend eternity with such a deity too (no, I don’t!!!!!).

    Maybe BioLib should reconsider their recruiting tactics.

  4. OldSoldier

    I want to say that I think the MRFF finally did something good for a change saving Halloween for these military kids. My question is if they have no problem with kids dressing up in silly costumes and celebrating what some consider a holiday with Satanic overtones, why do they object to Bibles on tables, nativity scenes on bases and Soldiers making simple declarations of Christian faith.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    Back in the day when I was not so grey I used to watch a TV show which would compare items while a silly song played – One of these things is not like the other…..

    The reason I bring the subject up is OldSoldier is trying to compare a secular party to violations by Christian Nationalists (“Bibles on tables, nativity scenes on bases and Soldiers making simple declarations of Christian faith,”).

    Because I’ve been urged to Show My Work – here is why a secular party doesn’t belong with the examples provided.

    First item: – Secular Party with Satanic Overtones (some say, according to OldSoldier)

    We are talking about Halloween here, not Samhain, the holiday practiced by Pagans. By the way, Pagans are not Satanists. Satan is part of the Christian myth after all.

    Per Wikipedia Halloween is defined as “Halloween or Hallowe’en, also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration observed in several countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.”

    As I understand the holiday, Halloween was co-opted by Christians in response to Samhain (not the only Pagan holiday repackaged in order to erase all other faiths but their own). However, because the party was not an attempt to promote religion it was not in violation of the First Amendment.

    Second item: Bibles on Tables.

    Be specific OldSoldier. The MRFF objects to any religious literature on the POW/MIA tables. The reasons are many and well documented on this site. If you have the curious bug please wander to the relevant posts to scratch that curiosity itch.

    The Bible on the POW/MIA table is in violation of the First Amendment.

    Third item: Nativity scenes on bases.

    The only time MRFF gets involved with Nativity scenes is when Christian Nationalists place those scenes where they don’t belong. Keep them on the Chapel grounds where they are not only allowed but welcome and no one would say a word. But that’s the thing about Christian Nationalists; they always push. The Nativity scene referenced by OldSoldier was placed in a common area (not the Chapel grounds) and those in command would not allow other displays.

    The Constitution is clear about this matter – if you want your religious display on government property you must share the public square with the rest of the public. This is a First Amendment violation.

    Fourth item: Soldiers making simple declarations of Christian faith.

    Soldiers in uniform represent not themselves but the USA Military. This means any words of faith coming out of their pie hole while in uniform is an endorsement of that specific faith. A soldier out of uniform, speaking of themselves is welcome to witness until the cows come home (and you know they do). In uniform there is a code of conduct that everyone EXCEPT Christian Nationalists are able to follow.

    This example violates the First Amendment

    tl;dr – to recap, three of the items are violations of the First Amendment and the one which is not like the others is a children’s party.

    Seems clear to me.

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