A Santa with military uniform

Talk about thin skin, really. I’m sure there is some things that are worth your time. But leave the little things alone. You only look petty and foolish. Try to remember our country was founded with Christianity. And people need something positive to believe in. Who are you to say there is no God. My parents and family have believed that I have an angel looking out for me. If I told you all the things I’ve been involved in, it would blow your mind. Never a scratch.

Please think before you act. And remember the kids. It makes them happy to see that Santa.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

….your repugnant Christian privilege makes me want to projectile vomit…..America might have been founded on Christianity but NOT the UNITED STATES of America, sport!!….and there are MILLIONS of kids who are repulsed and excluded when they see Santa….how wretchedly callous and cavalier and arrogant of you, jack!!??….good luck with your “angels”…I’ll stick with the Constitution…that’s positive enough for me and many others to “believe in”, chump….and don’t YOU EVER tell ME to “think”……I doubt you’ve done it in decades if EVER!!!…..







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  1. wendell v. mcabee

    Such a self righteous indignant arrogant reply!
    I’m a Vietnam combat veteran, bronze star with “V”, NOT BRAGGING, CREDENTIALLIN, that believes the constitution allows others to Express their beliefs.
    If having a reassurance of your God on your dog tags helps you face the possibility of death in a more comforting mindset then why not.
    As a person who has retrieved those for their loved ones I think it sends a message from the grave.
    BTW no commercial interest, I’m now a physician without any personal gain for this.

  2. Anthony Anderson

    I agree with the responses, he isn’t out after freedom for anyone. He’s only out after getting his name in the news for bringing stupid shit to our attention. Why don’t you spend your time doing something that actually makes a difference in someone’s life. Also a Veteran, served in Afghanistan and was wounded. I am also non religious but believe this argument is crap and stupid.

  3. Victoria Gary

    I really dont understand any of this site. Its spreading hate among our military members who have to support each others back with all the shit that is going on right now. As a Christian service member I dont force my religion on anyone but I also will not stand by while people bash on what I believe. Isn’t that what makes us a melting pot? It’s time to leave religion alone and get back to the job that everyone signed up to do. Soldier, Sailor,Marine ,or Airman. There is so much more important things as to worry about then what people chose to believe in. Or a Santa holding a sign. Dont forget GOD is in the oath we took. If you didn’t want to say those words….you didnt have to offer your life for God and country. The political correctness in this country is what’s killing us. MILITARY MEMBERS GROW UP GET SOME BALLS AND DO YOU JOB STOP WITH THE STUPID SHIT!!!!

  4. Mr. Thomas Hutchings

    I am a Vietnam combat veteran with the DFC, 4 Air Medals. Cross of Gallantry (individual) and more. I am also an atheist. The two can go together, as not only was I born in this country, but socialized in a Christian family and schools. Being an atheist is not necessarily exclusive, but accepted. I have no issues.

    This recent flap about Santa Claus in a plastic, air blown, military uniform is an ignorant distraction from the more important and critical issues facing our nation. Frequently, while wearing my Vietnam Veteran hat with hat pin medals, many children come up to me to smile and wish me a Merry Christmas. I should mention I have a natural, long, white rounded beard. Even as an atheist, these sweet and innocent demonstrations of their affection for a Santa Claus figure that represents love, hope and happiness has not once ever bothered me.

    I suggest this organization seek more important issues to tackle, like suspected islam terrorist attacks against our US military on our shores, rather than seeking out or manufacturing trivial and questionable “offenses” over a plastic Santa. Let kids be kids. I seriously doubt children are being traumatized at this Christmas display. I also have no issue in saying Merry Christmas and wish you all a very happy one. From a dedicated, but reasonable, atheist.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    All these very stable, credentialed people who have no clue about what they’re writing about. Each has their talking points which sound the same (which is why they’re talking points Grey One!)

    It starts small, the camels nose. Just a sniff, a breath of air without sand. Surely no one could complain! And before anyone is the wiser, the camel is in the tent taking up all the space.

    For those who need a program to keep track, Christian Nationalists are the camel, the Constitution is the tent.

    A Santa in camouflage may not be exciting or seem important enough to make a stand but this is the camels nose, make no mistake. If you doubt me read the above responses which were fed to them by their Sinclair backed news sources.

    Creepy isn’t even the word. Scary comes to my mind.

  6. WFZ337

    Mikey is a narcissist, this is all to satisfy his need for attention and to satisfy some type of vengeance against an alleged, all though a fake attack, that happened to him while in the Air Force Academy for being Jewish.

    No matter how you look at it, a blow up Santa is not a religious symbol and who gives a rats ass if some do not like Santa, for I can assure you that there are a lot of children of our service members on bases who love Santa. Shall we instead post a sign on bases that Santa is not real, he is just made up? Better yet, we can have a blow up of Mikey with a sign that says he is an anti-Christian bigot, and you can do anything you want to this blow up of him that you would like to kids.

  7. G

    Yeah, WFZ337 we should put up a post that Santa is not real along with the Tooth Fairy not being real as well.

    Prove that Mikey is a narcissist?

    Fake attack on him at the Academy? You have any proof that he fake the medical records that show that he was injured? What about the attacks on his kids when they were at the Academy?

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