Military Dog Tags

Mr. Mikey,
Just so you know, it is my right to have a Bible verse on a military dog tag if I so choose! It is my Constitutional right and if you are so gung ho about not believing in God, why should it even bother you?  
I pray for our salvation,
(name withheld)

On Dec 9, 2019, at 5:41 PM, Mike  wrote:

Hi (name withheld),
Just so you know, you’re wrong to blame Mikey and the MRFF for banning these dog-tag
facsimiles. If you had bothered to check it out instead of just assuming Mikey was to blame
for your being deprived of your biblical dog-tags, it’s the Army that told the so-called “Christian
company” that violated it’s agreement to stop selling them.
You see, it’s not about anyone “not believing in God,” it’s about businesses that cheat and
violate the agreements they sign.
If you care, which I frankly doubt, the MRFF is not against religion or belief or faith. In fact what
we’re about is protecting everyone’s right to the belief of her or his choice.
So you might reconsider your rather mean-spirited message and consider an apology.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Dear Mike,
Your condescending remarks reflect your true nature and that by all means this was a blatant attack on Christianity.
As I recall, this is strictly voluntary and not everyone is subjected to this.  Furthermore, the US Constitution doesn’t  prohibit religious expression by the government; just the establishment of a state religion.  
Yet, perhaps you already knew this but only interpret to fit your narrative.
Additionally, Mikey has publicly admitted his hatred for Christianity and his obscured desire to destroy it.  Let me enlighten you, a individual’s belief cannot be destroyed as long as His Word is in securely kept in his heart.
Just when Mikey couldn’t stoop any lower…please, get a grip and I will continue to pray hearts are opened and again, it is my right to add Scripture if I so desire and not the government making that decision for me!
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On Dec 11, 2019, at 1:49 AM, Mike  wrote:

(name withheld),
I didn’t mean to be condescending, I meant to be direct. As to my “true nature,” that’s not for you to determine.
The problem here is that you’re quite wrong. It was not an attack on Christianity. We do not attack Christianity. Why would we, since over 95% of our staff, supporters and clients are Christians?
Per your assertion about what the law and military regulations allow, you’re wrong again. The government may not promote, support, promulgate or in any way suggest a preference for one religious belief over others. To do so violates the separation of church and state.
As far as the dog-tags are concerned, the government has taken away the right for the organization that was making and selling the dog-tags with biblical phrases on them because in doing so it was violating the express agreement made. The agreement was that official government imprints or symbols cannot be placed on any artifact or facsimile of a military issue item including religious symbols or words because of the above understanding. I don’t know how to be more clear about that.
If you want to privately make a dog-tag look-alike and put a biblical phrase on it, that’s up to you, and we won’t object, but if you put the official government imprint or seal on it, that breaks the law.
It is a blatant lie to say, as you have, that “Mikey has publicly admitted his hatred for Christianity and his obscured desire to destroy it.” I don’t know where you heard such a thing, but it is a vile lie and is the sort of thing only the most vicious and unscrupulous of haters would make up. Think about where you heard it and know the source is unworthy of your attention.
I truly don’t understand the defensiveness you demonstrate, and your apparent refusal to listen to reason is further confounding. Despite how utterly incorrect your argument – and your attack – have been, I get the sense that you believe, at least, that you are a devoted Christian. If that is the case, I urge you to reconsider your rather rash tendency to leap to judgment and instead seek the truth.
If you find the person or organization who told you that lie about Mikey, you might consider telling him, her or it that they have put you in a terribly uncomfortable position for a true Christian.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    Does the MRFF ever get apologies? I’ve read a couple of replies where, yeah, they didn’t have all the facts so maybe they wrote before they thought but the MRFF are still jerks!

    With all the ‘wrong’ thrown at the MRFF it must be exhausting. Perhaps those who maliciously malign you will find it in their heart to not only apologize but dedicate themselves to your mission.

    A Grey One can hope.

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