MRFF Year End Appeal 2019

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  1. WFZ337

    Giving to MRFF would be a great waste of your money. Give to these organizations instead and they will not pocket half of what you give as Mikey does.

    First Liberty
    Alliance Defending Freedom
    American Center for Law and Justice
    Chosen People Ministries
    Proclaiming Justice to the Nations
    Christians United for Israel

  2. G

    WRZ337, you got any proof of Mickey pocketing the money?

    The ordinary Israeli gets more money from the US taxpayer than the ordinary American citizen gets more from his/her own American government so why should we give to these organizations?

  3. Grey One talks sass

    First Liberty? Really?

    Aren’t *they the org losing *their mind because of the word *‘they’? *They really didn’t think that one through, did *they?

    And WFZ337 believes *they are more deserving than the heroic MRFF?


    (Gasp – Huge breath)


    Ah, I will never understand the mind of the Christian Nationalist. *They just don’t live on the same planet as everyone else, do *they?

  4. G

    Grey One. The Christian Nationalists, they live in their own world – inside their heads.

  5. WFZ337

    None of our money we give to Israel goes to the ordinary citizen, it goes towards their military for defense purposes. Plus, the poverty level in Israel is very high and there are even Holocaust survivors who are homeless, but thanks to Christian ministries like the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, they have built condos for Holocaust survivors who also feed them. They also pay for airfare for Jews to make aliyah to come live in Israel. Chosen People Ministries purpose is to evangelize the Jewish people by those who are Jewish followers of Jesus.

  6. G

    Wrong WFZ, there is a film by Anna Baltzer titled Life In Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos where she talks about the ordinary citizen gets all sorts of aid from the American government not just military.

    Christians should spend more time dealing with the homeless in the good old USA.

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