They’re coming for you

You’re a scum bag and a terrorist Mikey
They’re coming for you
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

Awwwww, I’m SO sorry you got so butt hurt over this little snowflake… But you have the whole situation wrong… Read the brief excellent article below and that may make you understand that we’re dealing with a private Christian company, for profit no less, that is making souvenir dog tags and violating it’s copyright license with the department of defense by advocating for a particular religious faith again in violation of that agreement… I am prepared to acccept your apology now,  chump…


Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein
Oh, and by the way, Little Flower, we have forwarded your email onto law-enforcement… Making threats over the Internet like this have consequences for cowards like you…

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

On Dec 5, 2019, at 8:29 PM, Mike  wrote:

You’re a coward and a fake, (name withheld), a true nothing man.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. Jared Atkinson

    If you would be so kind as to provide the name and whereabouts of the people who are coming to get Mikey, it will make it much easier for law enforcement to perform their duty investigating threats. Thank you.

  2. Mark Sebree


    Mikey never provides the names or addresses of anyone who writes him, whether agreeing with him or disagreeing with him, in order to protect the rights and health of the writers from retaliation. The exceptions are usually people like Mike Farrell and John Compere who are board members of the MRFF or otherwise tightly connected to them.

    Since Mikey has the original email, that means he has the original provided email address with the embedded tracking information. That is what he provided to the authorities, and that tracking information is what can be used to find the true writer, and put him or her onto a watch list for possible terroristic activities. Those activities include trying to silence an activist (i.e. Mikey) or attacks on his home and/or place of business, among other things.

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