What your you foundation is trying to do is totally wrong

What your you foundation is trying to do is totally wrong in every way .. Second your foundation is in the news twice just today violating the rights of American soldiers ..I am a soldier.. A veteran … Really tired of seeing things like your doing .. It’s wrong period… Keep it up..I will start fighting you along with support of millions of vets and soldiers serving now…(name withheld)


Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere

On Dec 7, 2019, at 6:22 PM, John Compere  wrote:
(name withheld), first & foremost, thank you for your service.
Military members may possess any belief & purchase any scripture they want, but a private civilian business cannot knowingly & illegally profit off of them by misrepresenting & mismarking its souvenir merchandise as official government issue military identification tags in violation of its own licensing agreement with the Department of Defense & applicable regulatory laws. That is why the military stopped it.
Also, please be advised our non-profit constitutional rights organization is solely dedicated to representing pro bono the constitutional rights of military members who request us to do so.
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (80% Christians)


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  1. G

    “.I am a soldier.. A veteran…”

    Doesn’t entitle you to any special privileges at the expense of the rest of society? You play by the same rules that the rest of us have to live by.

  2. WFZ337

    You are a true ass hole aren’t you. Our men and women in uniform are willing to sacrifice their lives for the freedoms you have today, same with those who fought in Vietnam, Korea, WWII and WWI. I guess you do not have any veterans in your family do you? Our vets deserve carte blanche in privileges. They deserve the best and free health care, free tuition up through a bachelors degree, they do not deserve to be homeless while living on the streets while some illegal aliens are living in homes who do not belong in this country in the first place. They all need to be deported including their children. Let them come into this country the legal way like thousands have done over the years.
    Even our first responders like police and fire deserve some special privileges as well that you and I do not get, as they are putting their lives on the line every day for you and me. #BacktheBlue

  3. G

    No WFZ337, you are the one that is a true donkey’s rear end along with a face to go with it as well.

    Many of our people didn’t willing to sacrifice their lives. They join the military because American business leaders have send the jobs overseas, or move the jobs to another state, brought in legal and illegal immigrants to replace Americans and do not offer any full-time, permanent good-paying jobs.

    What freedoms? In the last 39 years, the political, social, and economic freedoms have been taken away by the wealthy people and CEOs because they have slowly but surely been putting their candidates in the political and judicial positions because they have put their own candidates (many of them military veterans from World I to today) into office thanks to the Supreme Court ruling that corporations and wealthy people have a right to pour unlimited money into any election. You also have the Federalist Society making recommendations on who should serve on the federal judicial positions. You also have organizations like ALEC trying to pass laws that they have written without the publics’ knowledge and getting them passing in secret with no public input.

    Every American deserves to have carte blanche in privileges and deserves the best education, the best medicine, good-paying jobs, free tuition at a college/vocational school, and affordable housing. You have many Americ

    You have American business leaders trying to bring in more legal and illegal immigrants to replace the American workers. Furthermore, these business leaders are to blame for causing people from other countries to come to this country because we keep interfering in their affairs and treat them like colonies.

    Police need special privileges? Oh yeah sure. Like they get free food and drinks at fast food joints and if they don’t, they will not go to them; whereby, the poor workers will be vulnerable to robberies. That is blackmail/extortion.

    Special privileges? Oh yeah, thanks to police unions, the police have better legal, civil rights, and constitutional protections when they get accused of something wrong while many of the public citizens can’t afford the best legal representation and in many cases, have to depend on an underpaid, understaff, overwork public defender’s office for help which is no help at all.

    Special privileges? Oh yeah, like the police can be set free after being pulled over for excess speeding, being drunk will driving, domestic violence, etc. How about bad cops being allowed to resign from the force where so it doesn’t prevent them from landing a job in another police department. It happens with the Ferguson Missouri police department and in the rest of the country.

    You have lots of ordinary Americans being homeless because the housing prices and prices for apartments are way too high and their wages are too low even though many of them have full-time permanent jobs. You also have gentrification; whereby, poor people, low-income people and people on fixed incomes are being pushed out of their neighborhoods even though they live in those areas for years. Do the city, county, and state governments help them find new housing for them? The answer is no. At least, veterans get some help from the VA, veterans organizations for housing.

    You also have special courts to help the veterans deal with being homeless, getting a job, and dealing with mental illnesses. Does the rest of the population get any help from the courts? Again, the answer is no. Instead, the ordinary folks are being criminalized for being homeless, unemployed, and/or having mental problems and the government is cutting back on those programs to help them.

    Being a police officer doesn’t even make the top 20 list of the most dangerous jobs in the USA. Tried being a cop n Italy, and in the Central and South American countries from the 1980s to today.

    You got more and more stories of cops getting their butts fire from their jobs for refusing to respond to 9/11 calls. Remember the shootings in Parkland, Florida? The first cop didn’t do anything. A second cop (a police sergeant) just sat in his car and didn’t do anything.

    Don’t tell me about special privileges for only certain groups of people. Everyone gets the same benefits or nobody gets them. it is all for one or none for all

  4. G

    WFZ337, no one twist a person’s arm or force him/her to join the police force. If they didn’t know what they were signing up for, then they get no sympathy from me particularly if they happen to be bullies, sociopaths or narcissists since police worker tends to attract those kinds of people. They should have done their homework in the first place. If they don’t like being on the police force, then no one is preventing them from quitting. Not my problem if the police recruiters didn’t tell the people what they were really getting into. If they knew what they were getting into, then they shouldn’t complain about it.

  5. G

    WFZ337, many Americans are dead or dying because they can’t afford medical care even if they have insurance. You used to have 45,000 Americans dying every years from lack of medical care until Obama care came along. Due to Obama care, the death rate of Americans went down; however, now that the Republicans are getting rid of it at the state levels, the death rate from lack of medical care is going up.

  6. G

    WFZ337, we just found out that our top American political and military leaders lied to us about fighting the war in Afganistan, so all those Americans who were killed in that country had died for nothing. So much for all your talk about them sacrificing their lives when it was all for nothing.

  7. Grey One talks sass

    It was never about Religious Extremism. It was always about the oil and natural mineral resources.

    History teaches me that going forward We The People must demand transparency from all facets of the government. The number of broken treaties tells me our leaders can not be trusted with the power inherent in their office.

    The Founding Fathers installed checks and balances. Clever people that we are it is no wonder politicians found work-arounds. Going forward, We The People need to reinvent the Checks and Balances templates to make sure Theocrats or Fascists can never try to hijack the country again.

  8. G

    I know it was about natural resources including the oil. I just like to mock people like WFZ337 and Old Soldier because history has shown that a soldier’s sacrifice was for nothing because the soldiers by and large never got anything from the war unless they were high ranking NCOs and officers.

  9. Grey One talks sass

    G, I agree. There is a reason foot soldiers are called cannon fodder.

    WFZ337 and Old Soldier are stuck in the past, bleating how awesome it was in the olden days. Except the only people having a ‘good time’ in the past were ranking members of the Patriarchy.

    Both old farts like to complain about how PC culture has ruined everything. If they weren’t homophobic bigoted misogynistic humans who would rather spew an insult than a kind word they’d find today’s culture incredible and rich in diversity.

    Too bad for them, they are on the wrong side of history.

  10. G

    I agreed that people like WFZ337 and Old Soldier are stuck in the past; however, some of them have the political, social, and economic power to hold on to their positions in this country.

    When America was a predominately white European country, you still had people like WFZ337 and Old Soldier complaining about how the country was falling apart because the country was letting too many white people in like the Irish in the middle of the 19th century, Eastern and Southern Europeans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries even though Europe was rich in the diversity of its cultures. Then, you had the anti-German hysteria during the First and Second World Wars and then, you had an outbreak of anti-Polish jokes during the 60s and 70s which made many Polish Americans ashamed of their background.

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