Please explain the difference

Please explain to me the difference between Obama, Biden, Hillary and your self removing Christian’s from the military and Hitler removing Jews from his military? Bty I knew Glen was pretending to be a Buddhist Chaplin….
Signed Majestic Chaplin.
King of Kings the Lord of Light.


Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere

On Jan 30, 2020, at 8:57 AM, John Compere  wrote:

To the “Majestic Chaplin” (sic) & “King of Kings Lord of Light”,
Your asinine anti-American & anti-Semitic attack on a fellow American & military veteran you do not even know reflects only on yourself & reveals a brainless bigot incapable of civil & coherent communication.
Congratulations, you have publicly provided another egregious example of why the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (80% Christians) exists & has been the pro-bono protector of the US Constitution right to religious freedom for over 66,000 (95% Christians) military men & women.
Renaissance philosopher Machiavelli even warned that those who cannot avoid being hostile to their neighbors are ungrateful to God (“Exhortation to Penitence”, 1525-27).
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On Jan 30, 2020, at 11:21 AM, Mike  wrote:

Dear Lord Light,
Which Chaplin are you talking about: Charlie or Oona?
Clarifying that will help us know how best to respond to your incomprehensible message.
So far, as much as we can come up with to help you is to say that Obama is a black American man who was the most recent U.S. President who had the respect of the world; Biden is a white American man who was his Vice President and is now running for the presidency, “Hillary” seems to refer to a white American woman, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; “your self” is an unclear reference; and “removing Christian’s (sic) from the military is not something we now anything about.
Per your reference to Hitler “removing Jews from the military” is, like the rest of your message, confusing. It’s not what he is most known and reviled for, but it’s apparently meaningful to you.
Are we to take it that you are “Majestic Chaplin”? Do Charlie and Oona know about you?
Please clarify. An interpreter or a psychiatrist might be helpful.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Martin France

On Jan 30, 2020, at 11:45 AM, Martin France  wrote:

Dear Lord,

Please cite one example in which Obama, Biden, Hillary, or we have removed a Christian from the US military for their Christian beliefs?
Who’s Glen?
Are you related to Charlie somehow? Or is the King of Kings and Lord of Light unable to spell correctly?
Brigadier General, USAF (Retired)
MRFF Advisory Board Member




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  1. Grey One talks sass

    I’m sure the most esteemed (in their own mind) chaplain has examples of the claims they made?

    All these Christian Nationalists have is lies. Remember – it’s not a “real” lie if you say it to a heathen.

  2. Infidel for Jesus

    Obama had the respect of the world, now that is a laugh. He was the most anti-American gay Muslim married to a tranny woman with a penis. Biden is a pedophile who cannot keep his hands off children and women, and if he ever tried to touch my daughter, he would either lose his hands or get a throat punch. He is also demented where he cannot remember what state he is in. Hillary is nothing but a lying Jezebel who needs to be fed to the dogs like the biblical Jezebel was.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    And on cue, our resident Christian Nationalist spews their bile, jealousy, and lies.

    Remember their motto – why spew ONE lie when MANY will do?

  4. Grey One talks sass

    Ok –
    I have to add something here. Former President Obama is well respected around the world unlike the current occupant of The People’s House. World leaders were caught on video laughing at Individual #1 leading him to exit (stage left) for home.


    If the world indeed was laughing at Obama surely IFJ has the receipts?

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