“Shields of Faith” Dog Tags Fight Back

Click to watch on Christian Broadcast Network
(4:25 segment, starts at 21:15)



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  1. Rael Nidess, M.D.

    While the segment was clearly ‘loaded’ in favor of the ‘faithful’ & their (((Jesus))) dog tags, it did at least include reasonable clips of Mikey making the argument against them and, at the very end, the moderator provided important information to the viewers about who the MRFF represents. And, there was no ‘anti-Christian atheist organization’ agitprop. A good effort on Mikey’s behalf although I’m doubtful those filled with the spirit of (((Jesus))) will give a flip.

  2. Jamie Howe

    You would probably say I am ‘filled with the spirit’, and I came here to hear the other side. I do ‘give a flip.’ I think you deserve a fair hearing.

    Umm…Is that it? Trademark infringement?

    Is this really worth the legal effort?

    Do you really have nothing better to do than find obscure rules to frustrate the effort of people trying to encourage soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen?

    You are talented and funded. Why would you spend time and effort on this when there are so many needs in this world?

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