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Mike, first and foremost my leader is Jewish, I love Israel and the Jewish people, those that bless Israel will be blessed, those that curse Israel will be cursed. We all are descendants of Noah, it’s very simple to understand. It is easy to see after yours as well as your board members/paid staff “companies” response that your just a tiny little tooth on a cog of endless cogs, your the mouth piece for your master who controls the purse strings, a small manufacturer has cut into a lucrative government contracted deal with someone your controlled by, let me guess they manufacture /fabricate similar parts on a lot larger scale? Whats wrong profit margin a little slim? I do not believe that government should control religion or that religion should control government, I do know that we are made in Gods image man and women, and when you take the S out of she it spells he. Wisdom gives birth to life. Our country’s founding fathers fore fathers left kingdoms, and countries to escape persecution to practice their freedom of beliefs they choose, and that’s what is rooted in our country, yes even today, and it goes both ways in our constitution concerning separation of church and state, I guess it just depends on if you get a liberal or conservative judge, also, you need smarter members who are more in touch with reality, today’s reality, out to pasture to say, to easy. Lastly, what a beautiful backdrop of the falcons stadium in Colorado Springs. The Rockies, Air Force academy football, skiing what a great time I had growing up in Colorado. Mos: (MOS withheld) gulf war vet.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein:

ummm, you seem to misspell the word “you’re” as “your” multiple times, sparky??!!…that’s about all I’ll remember from your simpleton’s screed…..maybe invest in “Hooked on Phonics”??!!

Btw, you spelled um wrong, as for you you should invest in lap band surgery and a hair piece

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein:

Awwww, Is THAT all you got there, little sport?…Wow!… You seem to be a little bit of an obsessed fanboy regarding me?…If you want an autographed picture or a selfie don’t be so embarrassed to say so… Do you watch pictures of me in the dark in your mommy’s basement while eating hot pockets with your tiny fingers on your outdated laptop?

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

….perhaps you, as “normal decent people” can possibly keep an open mind and see how and why we do what we do….??!!

From: (Active Duty Military Officer’s Name and E-Mail Address withheld)
Subject: Appreciation from a Jewish officer
Date: March 4, 2020 at 3:04:35 PM MST
To: Information Weinstein <[email protected]>

Mr. Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF:

I apologize for being way late in writing thanking all of you at the MRFF for helping me and my family out of one of the worst situations in my life.

I am an officer in the United States (military branch withheld) and also a fairly recent graduate of the United States (Service Academy name withheld).

My wife and I are Jewish. We have a young child. We are expecting another child soon.

Last Fall is when it started. My superior officer began “inviting” my wife and I over to his home. Normally this might have been nice but I’d been warned by others in my unit that this officer is “a very serious Christian” who wants everyone else to be as well. And so my wife and I kept trying not to go over to his house. He is a member of the OCF (Officers Christian Fellowship) here at (military installation name withheld) and apparently a number of other similar organizations. He and his wife are also deeply involved with something called “Operation Blitz” which we did not know what that was until Mr. Weinstein explained it to us. And it is ugly. This officer keeps his large bible open on his desk in his office at all times and often references it when talking to us in his office. He starts each meeting with a prayer to Jesus. I was never comfortable with this but didn’t know what to do or how to handle? He is relentless about his Christian faith.

Finally we could not make any more excuses and my wife and I had to agree to come over for dinner.

Keeping it short, at this dinner my superior officer and his wife kept telling me and my wife how “wonderful” it was to be “blessed” to be Jewish and that we Jews are “chosen” and “favored” by Jesus. It went on and on from there. They also told us that we should try to be “open Jews” meaning we should be “open to studying the Gospel” and asked us to come to their weekly bible study in their home. My wife and I were very offended that he and his wife told us what type of Jews we “should try to be.”

We should have just gotten up and walked out but we didn’t. We were both intimidated by him and his wife because he’s the boss. I thought the proselytizing harassment might just stop but it didn’t. He kept leaving messages on my cell phone and leaving me Christian proselytizing tracts on my desk. His wife kept calling mine too to tell us that she and her husband were both “praying for us”. We were so offended. I asked others what to do and they not only had no solutions they started to shun contact with me and my wife for even bringing it up. I think they were afraid of “collateral damage” should I file an IG or EEO complaint. My family and I felt completely alone and abandoned by the (military branch withheld). We were not prepared for how to handle this.

I went to speak with one of our (military branch withheld) JAG officers who gave me your name and number at the MRFF. My wife and I were nervous but we made the call.

Mr. Weinstein answered the call himself even though it was past 10 pm his time. He said he knew exactly what to do.

Mr. Weinstein called my superior officer’s commander the next morning with our prior ok.

Mr. Weinstein has not told me exactly what he said but I know it included bringing this matter to the media immediately if this commander he had just spoken to could not get his subordinate, who was my superior officer, to stop trying to convert my wife and myself at every opportunity.

Not only did my superior officer immediately stop as Mr. Weinstein demanded but he was also given a reprimand in writing by the commander. I have had this confirmed by our unit’s senior NCO and our EEO advisor. And as Mr. Weinstein promised, this officer was not allowed to rate me on my annual effectiveness report and has now been transferred to another installation.

I still worry about the (military branch name withheld) personnel who are junior to this officer wherever he is stationed in the future because I doubt he won’t still try to do to them what he did to me and my wife.

If I ever see something like this again I will call the MRFF that very minute.

My family and I will never be able to thank Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF enough for helping us here.

We may be driving thru Albuquerque later this summer and would love to go to dinner with the Weinsteins if possible? My wife has Bonnie Weinstein’s latest book and we both read it and were just shocked by the hate you all experience at the MRFF. (But we’d still love an autograph!)

with thanks again,

(Active Duty Military Officer’s name, rank, job title, unit and installation all withheld)

I do love Jesus Christ, and I believe he is the Son of Almighty God, He is Jewish and he’s my Leader in all things. My love for Jewish people Hebrews, and Israel there is no description for it, I can’t explain the Love I have for them, I hate evil, and the ones who perpetuates hate and evil towards them. The problem is that Christians think they are doing Gods work and don’t realize how much they are harassing and hurting people, it’s that passed down tradition of converting. They are wrong! They go about it in wrong manners. I find it strange that people who never knew or known a Jewish person and use derogatory terms towards them and have know idea why, and in my belief it’s a spirit of evil that is in them to have hatred for Jewish people without ever communicating or knowing any Jewish people at all! I don’t understand it myself! The center of my world is Jerusalem. There aren’t too many true Christians. Because if they were true Christians they would Love, and not profess hate as love, I am 1000% against a commanding officer, boss, anyone who has authority over another pushing their beliefs on or holding against anyone!
And if your for that I stand against it with you!
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein
I’m not particularly interested in your personal faith position but thank you for offering it anyway… At least we can agree with the final conclusion of the email you just sent… We are happy that we got that particular commanding officer significantly punished in writing… Do you live in New Mexico?…

I’m glad you were able to help the man and his family, and I hope that his commanding officer learned his lesson, no unfortunately I do not live in New Mexico, my father has a place in Taos, and every once in awhile my wife and myself get a break from our mundane redundant life and get to see beautiful , Taos, Angelfire, Santafe, my father transferred quite a bit as we were growing up, originally from pacific grove California, lived a lot of years in Aurora Colorado, we enjoyed it as a family down in New Mexico.
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein
Then have a good weekend (names withheld)… I am jealous because I yearn for a “mundane and redundant life“… Ours is anything but… We get a constant flow of threats requiring professional bodyguards attack trained dogs guns a lot of other types of security etc.… I’m not complaining… It’s just the way it is doing this type of necessarily aggressive and in – your – face civil rights advocacy…

Thank you for the lesson learned, maybe one day I might need your help. Sorry for my ignorance to your mission and saying some hurtful things
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein
It’s all right (name withheld)… Everything turned out good here… Maybe one day we can meet…

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  1. Robert

    I want to know what your problem is against the military and religious freedom. What you have accomplished is forcing your own beliefs on others that believe in their religion. Ther is no problem with one of our military personnel having a prayer on their own dog tags. I spent 20 years defending my country and the constitution. To me what you have done is a disgrace to the founders of this country.
    The reasion for separation for church and state was to keep the church from controlling the government as it did in England at that time. It was not ment to be taken so far out of context as to believe that no one in the service of the country would not be able to have their own religious freedoms. I’m not a follower of any specific religion just that of common sense. And frankly you and those like you disgust me.

  2. G

    Sorry Robert, but the religious right wing are trying to destroy the separation of state and church by any and all means.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Twenty years in the service and yet you have no critical thinking skills Robert.

    Why do I say that?

    Well, with one breath you deride MRFF for forcing their beliefs on others (I didn’t know following the Constitution is considered a ‘belief’) and with the next you demand the MRFF leave those who violated the rules alone because “common sense” reasons (but you aren’t a Christian – wink wink nudge nudge).

    Robert, Shields of Strength broke the rules enumerated in the First Amendment, violated their contract with the DOD, and made money doing all of it. Exactly how is MRFF responsible for any of this, except by bringing to light the rule breaking? Inquiring minds are curious.

    *Curiosity may have killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back* Grey One

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