One day several years ago I had the pleasure to speak with Mikey on the phone.
While I had long been honorably discharged, he remained earnestly interested in hearing my experience regarding my personal faith philosophy while I served as a “Cold War” MP in the Army.
That brief conversation will never be forgotten.
With that said…
I stand and applaud Mikey, and whatever influence, in truth or erroneously, that he has had over the new “gender neutral” wording of the “US Air Force Song.”
I will always be willing to stand beside him and MRFF.
(name withheld)

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  1. A.L. Hern

    To those displeased or even angry at the alteration of the Air Force song’s new lyrics to what is being termed “gender-neutral,” and putting aside for a moment the question as to why any man would want to go through life unhappy or discomfited by the thought that women are his equals, I would like to point out that during World War II and later, all those aboard U.S. and British bombers flying missions over enemy territory were called airCREW.

    Yes, those crews were all-male, but the collective term given them was already “gender-neutral.” Maybe that wasn’t the intent of whoever first applied it to them, but that was and is its ultimate effect.

    I would also point out that the word “citizen” also does not discriminate or pigeonhole on the basis of sex.

    Thomas Jefferson was actually wrong: we are not all “created equal”; nature inevitably gives more to some than others, and men are, on average, bigger and stronger than women, BUT…we are all entitled to equal treatment, by each other and the government we depend on to protect the weak from the strong and the tyranny those seduced by brute strength sometimes impose on others.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    A. L. Hern,

    I planned to say something but you said it already and with such brilliance I had to let you know.

    Thank you.

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