Thank You From U.S. Army Medical Staff

To: The Staff at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRF)

Fm: Active Duty U.S. Army Medical Staff

Sub: Note of Appreciation for MRF Intervention

Mr. Weinstein,

I am an active duty Army medical professional (I will get no more specific than that in order to keep my identity anonymous). I am also one of the 8 active duty MRF clients who asked for MRF’s help to get our chain of command here at Fort Drum to eliminate the posting of Christian faith videos from the command’s social media page of the 10th Mountain Div. Sustainment BDE here at Fort Drum.

My family and I happen to be of the (religion’s name withheld) faith and the posting of these videos by Christian Army chaplains was both hurtful and unprofessional.

And it was also unconstitutional. Not all Army personnel are Christians who would support these videos placed where they were before MRF got them scrubbed off.

And one more thing. As an Army medical professional fighting hard to contain and curb the novel coronavirus in our ranks I was particularly offended by the one video telling Army personnel that they can ‘ask God’ about His whereabouts during this terrible pandemic. Not on our main FB page NO WAY!

For my family and myself and the other MRF clients please accept our sincerest thanks for getting these Christian faith videos expunged from our 10th Mountain Div. Sustainment BDE FB page here at Fort Drum.

As you know the Army will always come down hard on its soldiers who go outside the command chain for help esp. when it involves the spread of Christianity as here.
If MRF had not been here to stand up for those of us who had no other way to protest w/o the worst consequences this would never have been fixed.

Please remove any identifiers from this email to you all other than my MOS as described above.

Thank you Mr. Weinstein and the MRF for carrying this fight for us all the way home to success.

HOOAH MRF!  (U.S. Army Active Duty member’s name, rank, unit, title and MOS all withheld)

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  1. SARSU

    That is too bad because they will eventually be sent to hell for not accepting Christ, but they will be in good company because Grey One will join them there as well!

    I would repent for the next pandemic, there will be no cure for it will come from God upon the world as His judgment for the world’s sins.

  2. Mark Sebree


    Your fairy tales and delusions do not apply to anyone except yourself. Just because other people do not accept your version of your mythology does not mean that they will end up being tormented in your fictitious hell.

    What’s more, your personal definition of what is sinful and what is not does not apply to anyone else, nor does it make anyone else’s actions sinful according their beliefs. Very simply, if they do not belief that their actions are sinful according to their beliefs, then their actions are not sinful. Your beliefs do not apply to anyone except yourself, and your beliefs in what actions are “sinful” do not apply to anyone else’s actions.

    Additionally, just because you are ignorant of science and evolution does not mean that everyone else is so ignorant. Diseases do not come from any make-believe, supernatural entity, especially one as hateful and intolerant as the one that you worship. Diseases evolve from bacteria and virus through various channels of mutation. Covid-19 evolved from an illness that affected an animal, and jumped species. Its virulence is due to the human species never having encountered it before, and thus having almost no natural immunity.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Anywhere SARSU and their ilk are not is paradise to me.

    Of course SARSU doesn’t do ‘science’ as they comment on a website using their phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet computer.

    I do not fear many things because there is nothing really to fear but fear itself, amirite? That said I respect the hell out of COVID-19. Any life form that can drown an infected person in their own skins, turn their immunity system into a weapon, and if one survives affect their post-infection health for up to a decade is worthy of more research.

    Those who mock safe distance practice does so with not necessarily their own life but everyone close they go on to touch. This isn’t a game even as it’s totally a game changer. Welcome to our new normal.

    I do the Denver Howl every evening at eight to thank all of our people on the front line. Hopefully those that need to hear our voices do and are uplifted because they have a very hard job.

  4. Grey One talks sass

    Mark – to me it is obvious that SARSU worships the deity they created in their mind rather than the deity they say created them.

    Humans really needed to leave the pangolins alone. There are some critters that should not be on the menu.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    PS – glad to read the regular crew are ok, or at least not dead yet. I’ll accept any level of good at the moment (yes, even SARSU).

  6. G

    SARSU, if we depend on God for cures, medicine would still be in the Stone Age. In addition, you have right-wing evangelists stating that God has been sending hurricanes, floods, pandemics, etc., etc., etc., in the last few years because of our sins year after year and guess what? The human race continues to sin year in and year out. I guess people either don’t believe in a higher being or even though, they do believe in a higher being, they think that the Lord will forgive them for all their sins despite their crimes against humanity.

  7. Carmine Wiggins

    What is truly sad about the world today is we’ve all known that this god thing is no more real than superman, people are just afraid to admit it. Although it may give people a warm fuzzy, to think it is easier to make believe that things that are unknowable can only be explained by a belief in a deity is flat out bonkers. The next time one of those televangelists says that god is pushing america for a sin, well guess what, that also is just plain bonkers and YOU know it. SARSU believes people will burn in hell but he’s never been there, doesn’t know anyone that has, and makes up things just to make himself feel better about HIMSELF…and is just plain BONKERS!

  8. Charlene Osborn

    Why do any of you care what a person believes. You don’t that is fine with me. Why does it bother you so much that I do? Do not understand the animosity from non-believes. 8 people get to stop a video that may help someone. You indicated it was hurtful. Why the hell did you watch a Christian video if you don’t believe.

  9. Grey One talks sass

    Charlene Osborn,

    Did you read any of the responses the good people at MRFF wrote? There are a few more examples of their logic than usual.

    But no, you ask why anyone hates that you believe.

    It’s about rules and how certain people, in this case Christian Nationalists, feel rules are for other people, not themselves. If the Chaplains in question had followed clearly defined rules and regs there wouldn’t be this kerfuffle.

    No, they couldn’t post the video on the chaplains page, they had to post it on the front, making it appear that the post was endorsing the Chaplains specific flavor of faith.

    It’s about respect Charlene Osborn, something Christian Nationalists do not understand.

    As long as you practicing your faith does not cause harm to yourself or others I don’t care a fig for what you believe. Obey the rules, that’s all I ask.

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