5/12/20 – MRFF Demands Immediate Replacement of Nazi POW Swastika Headstones at National Military Cemetery

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  1. Infidel

    They were Nazi bastards and deserve to be recognized as that. They fought for the Germany army in Nazi Germany. They fought for and died for Der Fuhrer, not the U.S. president or for America. Would Mikey want Japanese POW’s who died here not to have the Rising Sun and they died for Tojo or the Emperor on their tombstones.

  2. Richard

    MRFF can’t pound sand

  3. Patrick Costello

    There are cemeteries all over the country that have German and Japanese POWs interred therein. These individuals died over 70 years ago. Their graves were marked in accordance with their national origin and, in some cases, the units they were assigned thereto. There are ABMC locations that are marked in the same manner. The headstones were provided as a courtesy and to honor service, not honor the country that they served. Where has this organization been in asking for changes – why has it waited? Moreover, if the organization is so offended, then why isn’t it pushing to have confederate graves marked differently?

  4. Marc Moore

    I don’t see that this has anything to do with religion. The symbol is an Iron Cross with the Nazi Third Reich swastika in the center. Good or bad that was the symbol of the country they had fought for at that time.

  5. Patriot

    Why is it always folks in tiny hats trying to change history? Will these not be destroyed by some Bernie follower?


    Tiny hats.

  6. Ligma Balls

    It’s always a group of certain people complaining about historical places and monuments. You must understand that your people’s hubris and lack of self awareness has caused you to be removed from over 109 countries.

  7. Black Republican


    I am going to defile your grave shabbos goyim

  8. ShamShielder

    Death to MRFF

  9. Josef Bühler

    Jews trying to re-write history?

    They’ve never done that before…

    These men were proud soldiers that gave their life for the fatherland. Let them rest, and keep your greasy Jewish hands away from these proper men’s resting place.

    I’m going to leave flowers at this grave site just out of spite of you vermin.

  10. John greenstein

    Oy, my fellow white people are being racists, big surprise considering the Cheetos in chief is encouraging this behavior from his cultists daily. When we say remove the swastikas, that means remove the swastikas! How is this even a debate? Who do all you guys think you are to defend it? I personally think it’s not going far enough, dig these nazi pigs up and bury them upsidedown in a paupers grave (and that’s still better than they deserve!)

  11. Abraham Shecklestein

    Oy Vey!!! These proud men should be dug up and burned! they killed 6 gorillion people in the holocaust!!! We had to have so many children that the global Jewish population was higher after WW2, then before WW2!!!

    We need to make an example of these men so that no other Goyem will rise up against our rootless globalist clique that dominates the media, banks, and so fourth and so on. These Goyem need to know what happens when they kick us out of their lands!!! we must spread degeneracy and convert every population into golems for the state of Israel!!!OYVEYYY!!!!!

  12. Trans Girly Henrietta

    These symbols need to be removed. The LGBTQ+PEDO movement stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters. We thank them for their monetary donates to our causes.

    Nazi symbols spread hate towards groups like Jews and their counterparts the Gay, Trans and Pedo people’s.

    Stop the Hate, stand with Jews and LGBT+PEDO movements.

  13. American

    Desecrating the graves of POW’s is disgusting and PATHETIC
    Shame on you ugly people who support this

  14. Dylan Riley

    How do you know they’re white? Your leftard opinion is made irrelevant by your backwards, antiquated politics.

  15. marvin weinstein


  16. ADL fan


  17. Jewish Internet Defense Force


  18. Face/eater

    You ruined the country to own the nazi’s, good job boomer. When you hated communism you were based, what happened boomers?

    The men who fought the nazis believed in racial segregation and other far-right beliefs, and therefore were nazis themselves according to your retarded grug brain thinking. You are totally brainwashed and gave no idea.

    Society was wrong before when it was less tolerant, and is wrong now in its egalitarianism, except now it’s a worse kind of wrong and the country is pretty much doomed.

  19. American Man

    Fought for their country, right or wrong. What good does changing a headstone do? Certain PEOPLE whine a lot about history & yet they don’t want to see any signs or manifestations of it.

  20. Worm

    Let’s defile the dead because the banner they flew while living hurts my fee fees.

    Sounds legit.

  21. Worm

    Achilles: You’re still my enemy in the morning.
    Priam: You’re still my enemy tonight. But even enemies can show respect.

  22. Ray Swarnow

    I demand you eat my ass.

  23. Epstien didnt kill himself

    Stop trying to re write history. Do not defile these men’s final resting place because it triggers you. People like (((you))) are a disgrace.

  24. Anta Baka

    Why? Let the dead rest and stop trying to rewrite history.

  25. A. Hitler

    The jews did this.

  26. A. Jogger

    The holocaust didn’t happen but it should have. Open borders for Israel

  27. R. Heydrich

    Oh, Jews are desecrating the graves of our ancestors again, now literally rather than metaphorically. Cool…

  28. James Phillip

    Don’t destroy history. As a retired Officer in the US Army I am disgusted at the attempt to destroy gravestones from enemy POWs.

  29. Jordan Martin

    This has nothing to do with religious freedom. A bunch of (((pussies))) want to change history because it upsets them.

  30. A templar

    Men, if you are a victim, why prosecute Christians? They are your allies, not the enemies you fucking kike

  31. Heinrich Himmler

    Let’s remove the Star of David from our banks, media, religion, academia and government first.

  32. Chiam Swindelsteinburg

    Oy vey, its worse than the holocaust!

  33. UNATCO

    We need to remove all Israeli icons, imagery, and such from the world so that we do not honor the tribe of blood libel. Saint Simon of Trent and all of the other victims didn’t deserve their fates at the hands of the Yehudim.

  34. Bob Page


  35. Bill

    You think people are going to wander by those grave sites, look at the swastika and say to themselves, “Wow, I wish I could be a Nazi war criminal…” ?

    Wake up and smell the coffee!


  36. Rabbi David Abraham Goldstein

    Yes remove them! Remove Christian crosses next, they follow a false prophet those goyim! The only symbology deplaned should be the star of rephaim!!!

  37. Oy vey! Dig up these goyim. They aren’t even worthy to be buried next to us jews. Goyim are filthy and undeserving of being even remotely close to us chosen ones.
    Just listen to what my fellow rabbi said:
    “Some maintain that if a Jew was buried in a gentile cemetery, they should be exhumed; so too is it forbidden for a gentile to ever be buried in a Jewish cemetery. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein argued it is, in general, forbidden to bury a gentile in a Jewish cemetery”
    (Iggerot Moshe YD 3:147)

  38. GTFO

    I hope whatever is put on these “muh offended cucks” gravestones get chisel off by some other “muh offended cucks” in the future this sh1t has gone overboard and just needs someone to say no to these cucks.

  39. Has actually read the Bible

    Daily reminder Jews go to hell, as does everyone that denies Jesus

  40. Regular American Citizen

    It’s actions such as these that have made jews despised across the world, throughout all points of time. No wonder the German people wanted you evicted from their country. I certainly feel the same way right now.

  41. George Twinkon Cockwell

    I’ll have you know my Great Grandfather died in the holocaust. I regret every day that i never got to meet him. Now to see Nazi’s given honorable graves here on USA soil is shocking. If only my great grandpa here alive to see this, its too bad he fell out of that guard tower.

  42. Joseph Stalin


  43. Schlomo Finkleberg

    Absolutely disgusting that we buried POWs in a military graveyard. We should have shot them in the head and cremated their bodies. Taking POWs at all is ridiculous. The Geneva convention is a literal invention of the Nazi party.

  44. Moshe Shekelbergsteinowitz

    We jews believe that jesus is boiling in excrement in hell and anyone who follows him is also there. That whole graveyard filled with goy who serve us never get to go to heaven.

  45. Cunnychad.

    The pedo movement doesn’t stand with filthy kikes.

  46. Tetsel Inkelbaum

    Your history is racist, filthy goyim! Your people are nothing but beasts in the shape of humans and will serve us Jews for all time because we ARE chosen by G*D.

    Your history, your media, your children and your banks are in our hands! Try to resist and you’ll go down in history as filthy murderers just like those evil germans who tried to resist us.

    Eventually you’ll learn your lesson!

  47. lyntwo

    Let them Rest In Peace.

    Their souls have been before the Lord.

  48. Christ is King

    This. They’re already dead. What more do you want from them?

  49. Sidney Bushman

    My grandfather died fighting in WWII against the Germans.

    I for one believe that she’s soldiers graves should be left alone entirely. These young men paid what they owe already, and if you all have a problem with “muh tax dollars” then that’s fine. Set up a donation portal for people to donate to pay for the care of these graves. I’m certain within a week enough money would be collected to take care of these young men’s graves for the duration of our existence.

    Stop whining. Stop complaining. These men died the same as my grandfather did. They’ve paid what they owe, and they may have died fighting in a war that they didn’t even want to be a part of.

  50. Fire Rising

    This shit is finally getting good!
    I’m getting butterflies!
    I truly can’t wait! Chomping at the bit!


  51. Shekelsteinburgmansteinlampshadenstein

    OYE VEY! We need to rewrite history, this means the removal of anything we don’t like or want history to tell or teach.

    First we need to remove the facts that the highest number of deaths were actually the Germans and the Russians in the battle of Stalingrad.

    Then we need to create a word we can use anytime someone disagrees with us.. hmm.. How about “Antisemite”.

    Please don’t look up the names of the owners of: Hollywood Production Companies, Publishing Companies, News Media Outlets, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Amazon, The Federal Reserve, The Supreme Court, and definitely don’t look to see who has dual citizenship in Congress and Senate.

  52. Are you going to remove all the Egyptian hieroglyphics too? That’s history. Leave it alone

  53. Rabbi Schlomo Goldbergsilversteinshekelmeister

    Hey Rabbi, come to my place for a slice of “cheese pizza” this Passover! We can talk about desecrating goy tomb stones over a nice plate of foreskins 😉

  54. Kravitzsteinkowskimamberg


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