Terrific Op-Ed on NNY 360

Sir, he hits the nail on the head when he says, “Governments that favor some religious expressions over others will ultimately discriminate against those who do not share those views”. 
This type of discrimination is prevalent in the active duty Army Chaplain Corps especially against minority Chaplains i.e. female, gay and lesbian, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, etc. 
When one decides to no longer drink from that dominant male, conservative/evangelical/rigid Calvinist stream and attempts to swim against it and push back against the flow of that stream then “the nail which sticks up gets pounded back down”.
Male centric Conservative Evangelicalism is the dominant culture of the Army Chaplain and like a dog refusing to let go of a bone if you try to shake it loose, you end up getting bit, shunned, marginalized. The promotion zone for Chaplains to full COL is evidence of this in that over the past 2 promotion zone 37 were selected. Of the 37 there was 1 female, a female of color and a friend of mine. But that is 1 of 37. The rest were all male, conservative and evangelical as far as I know. “Unrestricted” Chaplains such as myself, able to be provide for the Free Exercise of and for ALL are not being promoted…hence we have an “established” Religion by default or maybe even by design.
(MRFF Active Duty U.S. Military Chaplain Client’s name, rank, unit and installation all withheld)

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    First (and most importantly) Happy Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you.

    Second “ …hence we have an “established” Religion by default or maybe even by design.”

    Oh, it’s by design. Based on the vitriol posted here, it’s totally by design. Cleaning up our military so that it resumes it’s Constitutional duties will be a task of epic proportion.

  2. Infidel

    There should be no gay or lesbian chaplains, that is an oxymoron. The only thing they can talk about is going to hell for that is where they are headed after they die.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Infidel – welcome to the New Normal where homosexuality is no big deal and women hold positions of power over men like you.

    Do you have any proof as to what happens to a person after they are dead aside from their lifeless body stashed away in the ground or dealt with in some other arrangement?

    Where is your evidence? And please don’t point to your 2000 year old book that can’t manage to fix any of the contradictions contained within. The Christian Bible is not a tome of facts but a collection of stories which have defined Christians for years. It’s time to accept the new normal.

    * Facts are where it’s at. *

  4. G

    Infidel. Have you known anyone has died and gone to hell or heaven and has come back to tell you that they do exist? The answer is no.

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