you’re a sick man

Enjoy your time now working against God..while the Lord allows it.  Your time for punishment in the fires of hell will be here before you know it.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On May 10, 2020, at 8:31 PM, Mike  wrote:


Hi (name withheld),
“The fires of hell,” huh? Wow.
What’s the punishment for “bearing false witness” these days? I ask because you seem to to up on what
the Lord allows. Since you’re lying about someone you don’t know, judging him falsely and
making a fool of yourself in the process, do you think the good Lord might want to see to it that you get
a proper reaction for condemning someone for something he hasn’t done?
Since you think you’re on good enough terms with the Lord to now what he allows and what he doesn’t
allow, you might check with him. And whoever told you the lie about Mikey should probably share in whatever
fate he determines would be appropriate for you.
Let me know what he says, please.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere
On May 10, 2020, at 7:20 PM, John Compere  wrote:


Your absurd & asinine attempt to threaten a fellow American you do not even know with your vacuous & vengeful deity version reflects only on yourself & reveals a hateful hypocrite incapable of civil communication. You are an example of why some repugnant religionists are too irrational & irresponsible to use the public internet in a moral & meaningful manner.
“There is no argument in the world that carries the hatred that a religious belief one does.” – MARK TWAIN
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (composed of over 80% Christians)

Response from MRFF Supporter
Mr (name withheld),
     In the mist of such trying times this country finds itself in, a deadly pandemic, economic struggles and all, I am concerned for those such as yourself, who send ignorant and ungodly thoughts to Mikey. 
     Today being Mother’s Day, is especially revealing as to the lack,  not only of moral character on your part, but a day specifically created to honor and respect Mothers… Had that not passed through your mind before you sent it? 
   As a mother of four and grandmother of eleven do know I am extremely grateful to my family in the knowledge they walk with the Spirit of Grace, never demeaning of others, nor bringing shame to my heart…
   In your referencing “God, and the Lord” in your email to Mikey,  after reading what lies deep in your heart, I fail to see any relationship to the Sacred Diety,  you so casually evoke.
“But the wisdom from above is first of all pure, then peaceable, gentle, accommodating, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial, and sincere.”  
   Be well
(MRFF Supporter)

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1 Comment

  1. Ironmoped

    Christians! These poor delusional souls! “Enjoy your time now working against God while the Lord allows it?” This is pretty complicated stuff! The Lord, who is God, they’re reportedly one and the same, allows you to work against him, until he doesn’t? The creator of the Universe? So, he could stop you but his own morality, or lack thereof, prevents it? I guess he’s picking an extra hot spot in Hell, letting you just keep on working against him as the temperature keeps rising!
    And if he can stop you but doesn’t, then doesn’t that say something about his character? Kind of like when he watches little boys get raped by clergy and does nothing about it? There must be a special place in Hell for a God that lets so much pain and suffering be inflicted when he could have stopped it but didn’t.

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