Thank you from Walla Walla!

Dear Mr. Weinstein,


Thank you for bringing suit against our city! Thank you!


My wife and I moved to Walla Walla three years ago from Seattle. Our city is a world class tourist destination known for some of the best wines in the world. And it is just beautiful here but there are vestiges of ignorance, racism and hate among some of our more rural neighbors that often surprise me. It troubles me that confederate flags still fly in a few places here but that doesn’t worry me as much as knowing that one of our police officers is either a Nazi-sympathizer or just completely lacking in judgement ( I imagine both are likely true, sadly). This story is an embarrassment to our city leaders but I am confident that five of the seven city council members (including the Mayor) will welcome this lawsuit whether they make that known  publicly or not. It will give them the cover they need to act.


And that is the point. When this kind of moral rot takes hold in an institution and us citizens learn about it we are too often powerless to address it. And small town niceties are wonderful but they too often prevent our leaders from taking difficult positions even when they are necessary. An outside force of good is needed in this instance. Indeed, you are the voice for us.


If there is anything I can do as a taxpaying citizen of Walla Walla to help the lawsuit succeed please let me know.


Again, thank you!

(name withheld)




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  1. Patriot 4 Christ

    This lawsuit has no merit based upon the free speech rights found in the First Amendment.
    Just because you do not like a tattoo on someone’s body, does not give you the right to sue to have them remove or altar it in anyway, the courts have ruled.
    If that were the case, a Palestinian could sue a Jewish person for a tattoo of the flag of Israel on them claiming that is a sign of oppression, which would be a lie. Nor could you sue someone for having a tattoo of an swear word on their body, just because you do not like it. Any judge will throw this lawsuit out with a laugh.

  2. G

    Patriot for Christ, it is quite clear you have display your ignorance of knowledge of history or rather the lack of it.

  3. Patriot 4 Christ

    What does history have to do with anything here?

  4. WallaWalla Libertarian

    The police chief is the one who has failed to uphold the Constitution. Having a policy that allows his officers to wear a Nazi symbol in a prominent location on his body on or off duty directly impinges on the right of our Jewish population to safely practice their religion. Even more so, it communicates that the police department does not feel the need to protect that right and could even mean they directly oppose Jewish existence in our community.

    Remember, the police are bound by the Constitution and the bill of rights and citizens are protected by them. Not the other way around.

  5. Patriot 4 Christ

    Walla Walla,
    The Constitution allows for the free expression and freedom of speech which tattoos fall under. When an officer is off duty that is their time. The Jewish community would probably have no idea of this officers tattoo had it not be brought up by Mikey who was sticking his nose in where it does not belong.
    People today are so sensitive and do not want their feelings hurt and need their safe space, anyone these days can say any tattoo hurts their poor feelings. So what is next, atheists demanding a police officer remove a tattoo of a cross on their arm?

  6. G

    Patriot 4 Christ, history has a lot to do with what is happening at Walla Walla or don’t you like to learn from the past?

  7. Patriot 4 Christ

    History has nothing to do which is happening at Walla Walla.

  8. Grey One Talks Sass

    The Police Chief in Walla Walla did indeed let down their community. The gentleman sporting the tat had said item on their person when the applied for the job. Why wasn’t that an issue at hiring time?

    Police in general have for the past twenty years (or longer) have been a refuge for authoritarians and sadists. Cleaning up the mess and rolling out reform will take dedication from not only We The People but those on the Blue Line too.

    We can do better. We must.

  9. Walla walla PA

    Patriot 4 Christ is obviously not a veteran. This isn’t allowed in the military and shouldn’t be allowed in the police force. You want free speech. Go get a job not paid by tax prayers.

  10. G

    Patriot 4 Christ. Again, history has a lot to do with what is happening at Walla Walla and again, don’t you like to learn from the past?

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