Scout Sniper Tattoo

Just a question and an observation. Are you folks really going after a Marine because of a tattoo?

You are aware that there are many people, places and things that use the abbreviation SS right? Steam Ship, Social Security etc etc etc.

Please tell me its just more fake news….

Otherwise I will just have to regard your organization as a bunch of Sad Sacks

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

We are indeed (name withheld)… Not sad sacks but representing Almost 100 residents of Walla Walla who came t us for representative help… Have a great day… Mikey Weinstein…

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  1. Rob

    What a person does with their body is their business. It’s called freedom or did you forget what country we live in. Obviously he didn’t mean for it as a degrading symbol but as a tribute to a fellow soldier who fell in combat. If you understood anything about the military when we lose a brother or sister in arms we often pay tribute in some form. You don’t have to like it just understand he was honoring a friend who paid the ultimate price. Something you chickens would never be willing to do.

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Rob, if you knew anything about the Military and Nazis you’d know the hypocrisy being pushed by apologists like yourself.

    The stylized SS used by Officer Small wasn’t just a ‘cool’ font. Those exact characters were worn by Nazis back in the day and White Supremacists today. Sounds like you side with the Nazis. How fascist of you.

  3. Tim

    Dose your group only support the first amendment if you agree with it? Since when is it ok to threaten someone with a lawsuit because you don’t like what they say or tattoo they have? By your logic should I sue you because I disagree with you about the tattoo?

  4. Tru

    Now the Same Group ‘Military Religious Freedom ‘ in their own title is persuing legal action against the Chief for referencing to Jesus Christ off the clock. Sounds like conflicting. Also who cares if people’s feelings are hurt about a tattoo on a private citizen’s body? It doesnt affect their daily lives and i’m even a minority but Figure out something else to fight for! I’m offended by your ignorance but I’m not crying about it. PoG. Probably never even seen combat, bc if you had, you would know none of this small shyt matters.

  5. Allan Baumann

    If MRFF is indeed seeking legal action against someone for mentioning Jesus Christ off the clock is an extreme violation of their religious freedom rights. Sounds like MRFF is an anti-Christian and bigoted organization who thinks this is Communist China instead of the free United States of America.

  6. G

    Tru, you are a minority? Then don’t complain when people starting throwing all sorts of language regarding your sexual, racial, social, economic, ethnic, religious, and another background.

    Free United States of America? I will believe that when consumers and workers have the same rights that we give to wealthy people, CEOs, police officers, and corporations.

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