Without MRFF there is no Religious Freedom

Mikey I wanted to drop an adulent message of thanks, admiration, and love towards you, your family, and all the amazing workers at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. I know a thing or two about that, having eagerly worked and volunteered for you in the past. Because of your efforts and the efforts of your foundation I was able to rise in the Marine ranks to become a Staff Sergeant (E6) before I went back to the civilian world.
I’ve traveled to battlefields on the other side of the world multiple times as a religious minority in the US Marines, but I did it knowing full well that should I encounter rank bigotry or discrimination from higher ranking authorities that MRFF and Mikey would always have my back! All of you volunteering and working at MRFF conduct the most important work in the United States defending our religious freedoms and it is unfortunate that most people will never ever hear about it until it happens to them or someone they know.
Far too often those in higher positions of authority in the military try to enforce their own structured worldview upon the rest of their troops; callously disregarding their most sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and it’s inviolable Bill of Rights in lieu of their own religious agendas. Far too many junior troops and officers also fail to realize that while they don the uniform, they most certainly do not abrogate their own Constitutionally-protected rights in the service of defending them for others.
Often, especially at younger ranks, we are forced to sit and endure the religious ramblings of those that are in charge of us and outrank us. But when the line to forced indoctrination or forced practice of someone else’s religious belief system comes up in the military, THAT is the time for action. Bold action. It takes courage to charge the hill with the Marines on your left and right supporting and defending you; yet it takes far more courage to stand up to those on your left and right, as well as the one giving orders, and unequivocally tell them “no” you will not participate in something so grossly distorted and discriminating as religious bigotry. Standing against that towering juggernaut alone is terrifying and quite frankly seemingly impossible.
Thankfully, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation exists as the one and only resource and source of help in the most trying times of religious exclusion and discrimination! I honestly don’t know of any other organization on the planet dedicated to protecting our Constitutional rights while in uniform.

Mikey, you are a hero to me in more than one way! I’ve not told anyone outside of my close direct family but I have actually been in the process of converting to Judaism for the past year and a half. I’ve no doubt were I still in uniform, I’d need your help again. I’m so glad you are who you are. You’ve got more spit and vinegar than many entire law firms 👊🤣

I love you, man. I appreciate you. And I truly hope to meet you face-to-face one day. I will make it happen one day come hell or highwater!
Keep up the good fight, brother. No one does it better.


Very Respectfully,

Paul Loebe
P.S. Please use my full name and rank. 

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  1. rick

    A very well articulated description of what MRFF and Mickey’s diligence >AgainstReligious CovidSecularDon;t< exist,, and never have….

  2. Allan Baumann

    Sorry, but with Mikey and MRFF, there is no true freedom of religion.

  3. George T

    Allan Baumann: Your comment shows that you fail to comprehend how religious rights work in relation to our government. Religious freedom isn’t the freedom to impose your religion on others using government authority. I sincerely hope that you better educate yourself at some point.

  4. Tom O

    Allan B: what specific part of “true freedom of religion” do you claim that MRFF suppresses or prevents?

  5. A.L.

    Really, Allan? Granted that “freedom” is a subjective word, just how do you define freedom?

  6. Tom O

    No response to my question after a week. What a surprise!! Allan Bauman seems to have disappeared and been replaced by Patriot Pastor.

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