Opinion regarding Trump loyalist heading Pentagon


I think you do great work and appreciate all that you and MRFF do. I hate to bother you but would love your input. Am hoping you or Chris Rodda could post an opinion on your website.

I’m concerned about the loyalists Trump has installed at the Pentagon. I’m concerned that they are Christian nationalists who are working to rally other Christian nationalists in the ranks in an effort to keep Trump in office. Yes. A military coup.

Or, are they End Times fundamentalists itching to start another war in the Middle East. Trump has been boxed into a corner and is dangerous. I’m of the opinion he’ll do most anything to stay in power.

Any way you slice it, I don’t think their installment at the Pentagon bodes well. Would love your opinion regarding likely scenarios with the current mix of politics, religion and the military.


(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board  Member Lawrence Wilkerson

(name withheld),

Mikey asked me to respond to your mail, in my capacity as an advisory board member for MRFF.
The crowd of what appear to be Trump sycophants is indeed thickening at the Pentagon.  I have, as of today, not only Chris Miller as acting SecDef (Chris is a fairly competent individual), but also Colonel Doug Macgregor, whom I know personally, as Chris’ chief advisor, plus BG Anthony Tata, Kash Patel (think of Devin Nunes here), and a mysterious character (rumored to come from Frank Gaffney and the like, as well as Mike Flynn) Ezra Cohen-Watnick.  Add to that Trump’s trying to get Michael Ellis in as General Counsel at NSA.  (Most citizens don’t realize that the NSA works for the SecDef).
One can only speculate as to why all this movement is happening with regard to DOD, and the speculation can range from preparations for war and Trump wants only sycophants in place so there is no opposition, to simply an attempt to get troops out of Afghanistan and at the same time turn a group of minor political appointees into civil servants so that they can hang around for a year or two and haunt President Biden.  I suspect it might be a combination of these last two reasons, but I don’t think its preparation for war.
For that latter purpose, watch the uniforms.  If Trump begins to relieve uniformed military officers of their duties, then we should all get very concerned.
And if I learn more as I explore these last-minute shenanigans, I’ll let you know.
Lawrence Wilkerson, COL, USA (Ret)




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  1. Patriot Pastor

    Trump will stay in the White House, for Biden and the Democrats committed fraud and we have all the proof.

  2. Tom O

    “All the proof” seems to evaporate every time Trump’s lawyers actually file a case in court.

  3. Grey One Talks Sass

    LOL – all the proof!!!!

    Please! Like the lawyers for Lord Damp Nut have anything but innuendo, lies, and despair.

    What is LDN’s lawsuit record again? 24 – 1? And his legal team just passed on the WI recount because he has to pay upfront!!!


    LDN pays for nothing, ever. A bamzillion bankruptcies gives proof to that.

    By the way, Trump was never my president by his own admission when he attacked Blue States for not voting for him.

    I prefer presidents who put country over party or power.

  4. Grey One Talks Sass

    Update: Trump campaign to pay $3 million for partial recount.

    Hope WI gets the money upfront otherwise the taxpayers of that great state will be left footing the bill.

  5. G

    PP, what about all the election fraud that the Republicans committed in the presidential elections in 2000 and 2004?


    The number of genuinely disputed votes is too small to change the results of any state!!
    I am in favor of the National Vote proposal, whereby the states’s electoral votes go to the winner of the national popular vote. Then everyone’s vote would count the same !!
    No more would 46 CA votes equal 1 WY vote, eg…

  7. Grey One Talks Sass


    I concur. One person, one vote seems reasonable to me – which is most likely why there will be massive pushback from the contrary crowd.

    As for the 2020 election, the current occupant of the White House isn’t just screaming fire in a crowded theater, he and his pals are telling folks all is well while they block all the exits as the theater and occupants therein burn to a crisp.

    Not sure how to hold accountable the sorts of folks who do such things. And accountability is sorely needed in the here/now.

  8. Ironmoped

    I’m predicting Trump will attack Iran on his way out the door or as a way to secure the door so that he doesn’t have to leave. He is doing and will do as much as possible to sabotage the Biden administration as much as he can as part of his man baby temper tantrum as he leaves. But he’ll scorch the earth as much as possible as he leaves. Or, he may get that right-wing schmuck Netanyahoo to engage Iran. Either way I believe an attack on Iran is on the table before he leaves! And of course it will be couched in the empty hysteria of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon….While Israel maintains hundreds of them with our tacit approval! We`ll see! I’m (facetiously) of the mind that our military should be split along political ideologies. If Republicans start the war then we let Republican kids go fight it! Same for Dems.

  9. Ironmoped

    Christianity is in serious decline and on its way out! And we’ll all be so much better off without it. Our cultural norms will be able to better focus on ways to improve this life rather than worrying about the next one and paying homage to clergy apologists that claim to know more than you do about the mythical mysteries of the invisible man in the clouds!
    And they (Christians), at least in America, are becoming more “radicalized” every day because they are losing their sheep and they know it! You can’t get any clearer examples than the vitriol spewing from the mouths of these idiots in their threats to the MRFF. Desperate men do desperate things! Christianity is eating itself and it’s picking up momentum! It won’t be long in relative terms that we’ll actually get back to trusting science and each other!
    I do agree, however, with the right-wing’s position on NOT wearing masks during this pandemic. It’s an infringement on their constitutional rights and civil liberties! And, oh by the way, they also should not be infringed upon when it comes to church services! Let Trump and the Republicans hold their rallies and pack them in as close as they can get everyone! Same for religious services! Bring the q-anon gang with you and all them gun-toting 2nd amendment freedom lovers as well! You know, the “militia” beer drinking clubs around the country that are gonna save Uhmerica! Pack em all in as tight as you can get them and let them breathe all over each other!
    Keep up the great work all y’all Christian Trumpers! And don’t worry about getting COVID just like your hero in the White House said. The worst that can happen is you spread it to others and you and others die! But you already know that you’ll be in a better place after you die so it’s a win-win either way! “You go boys and girls!” The Republican Christians are so afraid of the orange man in the White House – they wouldn’t say shit if they had a mouthful!
    USA, USA, USA…….

  10. G


    I would like real campaign reform so the ordinary folks can run for office instead of CEOs like Rick Scott, people who come from different jobs like steelworkers, teachers, bartenders/waitresses like AOC, etc., instead of people with business and/or law degrees.

  11. ironmoped

    Well, as it turns out, the orange baby in the White House DID attack Iran! By proxy and by way of the Mossad! Hmmmm, who could have seen that one coming?
    And now he thinks imposing Martial law will keep him 9in the White House! Hah! What a tool!
    Most people don’t know it but Iranians are born negotiators! They come out of the womb negotiating terms with the Doctor! And, by the way, the Iranian people are genuinely very nice people! I know, I’ve lived there!
    While I don’t support their theocratic leadership, I also don’t support OUR theocratic leadership! Religion – can’t start a war without it! But, as foretold, we did attack Iran! But in terms of keeping the Orange Man-Baby in power – it ain’t gonna happen!!!
    The reign of making America Hate Again is OVER!

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