Speaking out in support of Pres. Biden and MRFF

For the second time, the ban on transgender people serving in the military has been lifted.  This event is being heralded by the MRFF and is a day to be celebrated, because it is a demonstration of the virtues we espouse of freedom and equality championed by the MRFF.  However, this day should not have been necessary if not for the cult of fear mongering hypocrites known as the fundamentalist Christian Right.

Under the distorted guise of Christian morality, this cult has attacked anyone and anything that does not conform to their warped and limited sense of selective freedom and equality.  They are only accepting of those who look like them, act like them, believe like them and dress like them. The resulting xenophobia becomes a call to arms to attack those who differ from them and, like any virus, spread their message of “religiously-sanctioned” hate beyond the borders.  To them, diversity breeds open minds.  People with open minds think critically and will recognize the hate-filled ideology for the deception that it is.

One of their prime diversity targets has been the LGBTQ community.  They have lost ground on their war against diverse sexual orientation (LGB) in the military, but have ramped up their attacks on diverse gender identity (TQ) community.  Their baseless attacks on transgender people have proven false by fact-based studies and real-life integration in the military.  I am living proof that a transgender person can serve very successfully in the military, protecting our nation, preserving freedom and defending the Constitution.

To suggest that the 24 years of my life I dedicated to serving my country as an Air Force officer and Air Force Academy graduate are denigrated by my being a transgender person not only cruelly insults my integrity, but also those who gave their lives for this country and those with whom I served.

The efforts of the fundamentalist Christian Right to insidiously transform the U.S. military into a ruthless, sectarian Christian army to spread their bigoted, dominionist dogma, requires a purging, or conversion, of non-believers and an influx of new recruits.  The reimplementation of the ban 4 years ago was a clear act of baseless, discriminatory purging.  A dehumanizing cruel wrong that is now, once again, being made right.  However, the pernicious takeover of the military continues.  They blatantly exploit the service academies and basic training programs to create “Government-paid missionaries for Jesus Christ” within the military.  Likewise, they are abusing the rank conscious culture of the military to force subordinates to adhere to their cult’s narrow-mindedness.

While many organizations have worked for and are praising today’s removal of the transgender ban, only the MRFF is focusing on the root cause.  The MRFF is shining a light and challenging the fundamentalist Christian Right’s illegal annexation of the U.S. military.  The MRFF is defending the country’s founding principles of separation of church and state and the freedom to worship or not worship as you choose, not as someone else chooses.

(MRFF Transgender Client’s name and other ID info all withheld)





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  1. Stryper777

    The last thing we need is trans fags in the military. They might break a nail or get their bra strap strap caught while shooting their weapon.

  2. Stryper777

    There is no such thing as a transgender person. God only creates men or women, no its or things.

  3. Friendly Civilian

    “They might break a nail or get their bra strap caught while shooting their weapon.”

    Sounds to me like someone is just scared of women, biological or not.

    “God doesn’t create it’s or things.”

    So god didn’t make rocks or plants?

  4. Grey One Talks Sass

    To me it is obvious that Stryper777 has never met a warrior.

    Why? Well, the warriors/soldiers in my life are more concerned with completing their mission and making it back to base with the team as intact as can be expected. Nails are not even on the list.

    Stryper777 has the right to believe as they do. They do not have the right (thank FSM) to translate their belief into law.

    I’ve said it before – when Dominionists are prohibited from expressing their faith and beliefs in the public square it will entirely due to their own hateful words and actions. Honestly, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of humans.

    TL;dr – gender or sexuality doesn’t define a warrior/soldier; that quality is defined by their heart and mind.

  5. G

    Stryper 777, see how well you can fight wars without the rest of us. You will be screaming for us to help you out.

    Stryper777, didn’t the Lord make all of us in his own image?

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