Thank You MRFF

I would like to extend my personal thanks for your services. After unsuccessfully attempting to intervene in misconduct unbecoming of an officer of the US Army, I approached your organization for assistance. Your team was extremely responsive, cordial, and understanding of the delicateness of my situation. 24 hours ago I had never heard of MRFF, but today I know the military community has friends outside of the chain of command who are willing to help when we aren’t sure where to go. I recommend to any member of the armed forces community, who feels that they can’t go to their chain of command, to consider contacting the MRFF. Their services have been stellar in meeting my needs, and I’m confident they will continue helping our Armed Forces with courage and integrity.
(name withheld)

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  1. Judy Hughes

    Publicly PROVE his statements were wrong!

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Judy, Judy, Judy

    Who are you talking about? Also (and too) what statements?

    It is true! The glass ceiling has broken as not just men but women too can yell at clouds.

    This is a big day.


  3. Ironmoped

    Judy is right, the young Chaplain’s words are correct regarding masks being preemptive to total government control! Everyone knows that the Government getting you to wear masks is a ruse for complete subjugation of the masses!
    You know…kinda like they did with seat belts!

    So…..All Republican Christians – you show them who’s boss! Keep gathering in large numbers without masks! Don’t fall for the Government hoax that COVID is! Even if it were real and you got it and died, you’d still be in a better place seated with the Lord so you have nothing to worry about. Same goes for storming the capitals – the worst that can happen is you get shot and die or you go to jail for a few years. It’s no big deal as long as you have Jesus in your heart!

    “I don’t care if it rains or freezes long as I got my savior Jesus walking with me everywhere I go!
    COVID hoax and maskless crowd, storm the capital, get real loud, let em know they can all go straight to Hell!
    And if they catch me I don’t care, lock me up in my underwear and put me in an old 8 x 10 size cell.
    Let then hide, let them see, that I won’t let them tread on me, even if I’m locked up well behind these bars. I should’ve stuck to whistling tunes than hanging out with Republican goons, wearing soldier clothes and shades at night. They’re bat-shit crazy, very lazy, crooked as hell and often smell and always seem to be looking for a fight! So here I am awaiting trial, asked for bail, got denial, wonder how I got myself in here. In with muggers, felons too, asked for mercy got my due, and that big ole black guy thinks that I’m a queer!
    But now I know why the sun don’t shine, in an 8 x 10 cell just like mine, this place is really nothing but a dump. I know how I got here I’m to blame, I see
    that now but all the same, I’m here because of that son of a bitch called Trump!”
    Yeehaw! Seditionists unite!

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