Thank You to Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Mr Weinstein and MRFF,
We want to take the opportunity to thank you for your immediate and thorough response to our 1st Amendment concerns.
Our military school offers electives as part of the student experience in which we entrust our faculty to share their academic passions with our students. They should, by design, be closely tied to our program outcomes, and are often more creative, fun, and interesting than our standard curriculum. However, a recent offering, which was designed and taught by a member of our faculty, was a bible study specifically of the Christian faith. We identified quickly that we may have had a violation of the establishment clause that put our organization and our leadership in jeopardy. We unsuccessfully attempted to resolve the issue at the lowest level, and needing advice on how to proceed, we reached out to MRFF. 
Mikey immediately responded with offers of bringing in the bullpen. With the legal references that Mikey provided we were better able to articulate to our senior leadership our concerns and the potential harm to the organization. Our senior leadership then resolved the issue with the faculty member and their direct supervisor, advising them of the concerns, to which the faculty member ultimately decided to discontinue the elective.
With Mikey’s help and MRFF backing, we were able to resolve a serious 1st Amendment issue at the lowest level without resorting to adversarial methods, which was our desire. Additionally, with MRFF’s assistance on this process, we’ve now started a productive conversation within our organization about culture and climate, which will help this entire organization to grow and mitigate against these issues in the future. We had confidence that, armed with the right information, our leadership would make the right decision…and they did.
Thanks MRFF! Thanks Mikey!
Senior AF Civil Servant
Air Force Major faculty member

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1 Comment

  1. Old_ColdWar_MP

    Well done, MRFF!
    I was very pleased to find another positive feedback submission – and particularly on that makes note that a resolution was provided “without resorting to adversarial methods”.
    This is such a key point that so many critics neglect to recognize. I am certain that nearly every intervention provided by MRFF begins this way and I am quite certain that any escalation, adversarial, or otherwise, is only necessitated when “reason” has failed.
    Keep up the good and well appreciated efforts!

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