We pray Psalm 109 against you and your family

So your upset at a patriot Army chaplin because he bitched out the Pentagons top military leaders for treason and supported his rightful President Trump in so doing?

Typical of the MFFR to attack lovers of our Lord Christ Jesus like this innocent Army chaplin Lt. Boyd in Ohio Nat’ Guard.
The chaplin has his1st amendment rights under the constitution to name the JCS as traitors. Which they are.
And catholic papists and leftist and democrats as traitors to Jesus The Christ and the USA. Which they are.
And facemarks are useless against covid 19. Which they are.
Lt. Boyd has his rights which your all violating.
Just like we at our Church Fellowship in Ohio have the right to pray to the Son of God to smite you Mickey Weinstein into an early grave and send you and your lineage on to the hellfire that awaits. Prayer to the only real Lord is still legal in America for the time being.
Your just another example of Christian persecution by evil jews who hold all the power and pull their jew strings behind the scenes.
We pray Psalm 109 to Lord Jesus against you and your family wicked israelite Mickey Weinstein.

Psalm 109

Psalm 109 For the director of music. Of David. A psalm.
O God, whom I praise, do not remain silent,
for wicked and deceitful men have opened their mouths against me; they have spoken against me with lying tongues.
With words of hatred they surround me; they attack me without cause.
In return for my friendship they accuse me, but I am a man of prayer.
They repay me evil for good, and hatred for my friendship. 
Appoint [1] an evil man [2] to oppose him; let an accuser [3] stand at his right hand.
When he is tried, let him be found guilty, and may his prayers condemn him.
May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.
May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.
May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven [4] from their ruined homes.
May a creditor seize all he has; may strangers plunder the fruits of his labor.
May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children.
May his descendants be cut off, their names blotted out from the next generation.
May the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the LORD; may the sin of his mother never be blotted out.
May their sins always remain before the LORD, that he may cut off the memory of them from the earth. 
For he never thought of doing a kindness, but hounded to death the poor and the needy and the brokenhearted.
He loved to pronounce a curse– may it [5] come on him; he found no pleasure in blessing– may it be [6] far from him.
He wore cursing as his garment; it entered into his body like water, into his bones like oil.
May it be like a cloak wrapped about him, like a belt tied forever around him.
May this be the LORD’s payment to my accusers, to those who speak evil of me. 
But you, O Sovereign LORD, deal well with me for your name’s sake; out of the goodness of your love, deliver me.
For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me.
I fade away like an evening shadow; I am shaken off like a locust.
My knees give way from fasting; my body is thin and gaunt.
I am an object of scorn to my accusers; when they see me, they shake their heads. 
Help me, O LORD my God; save me in accordance with your love.
Let them know that it is your hand, that you, O LORD, have done it.
They may curse, but you will bless; when they attack they will be put to shame, but your servant will rejoice.

          My accusers will be clothed with disgrace and wrapped in shame as in a cloak. 
With my mouth I will greatly extol the LORD; in the great throng I will praise him.

Response from MRFF Supporter Commander Steve Dundas, CHC USN (Retired) 

Dear You Pathetic, Cowardly, Un-Christian, Anti-Semitic and Un-American Bunch,

I have no doubt that your email is fake as I cannot even through advanced search techniques find you on the internet. There is a LCMS church with a similar but not exact url and they seem much too educated and orthodox than to send such a abhorrent and grammatically challenged email to Mr. Weinstein.
I have seen a lot of dreadful emails in my time but your’s is among the most despicable and unbalanced I have ever seen. It is readily apparent that you have no idea what our Constitution, Laws, and especially the Uniform Code of Military Justice have to say about the actions of soon to be ex-lieutenant Chris Boyd, who is not a Chaplain but a Chaplain Candidate who does not understand Augustinian or Lutheran theology regarding Church and State relations. He might belong to a Lutheran Denomination but he is a convinced Calvinist when it comes to Church State relations and a dyed in the wool Christian Dominionist. 
Obviously you are even worse than him, though it is possible that you might be him fighting back under an alias, but he probably spells better than you.
Your email is reminiscent of Nazi screeds against the Jews. I sincerely doubt if you represent any church body at all unless it is one of the Neo-Nazi Aryan “churches” that has popped up over the past couple of decades.
Your Anti-Semitism, Anti-Catholicism, and thoroughly unchristian, unscriptural, and Un-American screed is so Nazi like it is almost unbelievable and I am a historian and scholar of the Nazi era and Holocaust. If I can ever figure out who you are I will turn everything over to Mr. Weinstein and his legal team as well as expose you to the media in the area you reside. I am good at this and I will find you Nazi pigs. You will be exposed for what you are. 
Sincerely wishing you all the worst,
Commander Steve Dundas, CHC USN (Retired) 

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere

On Feb 4, 2021, at 9:24 AM, John Compere  wrote:

Your atrocious & acrimonious anti-Semitic, anti-American & anti-Christian attack against a fellow American & his family (you do not know on a military matter about which you possess no knowledge) because he was born of a Jewish mother (like Jesus, his disciples & the New Testament authors) reflects only on yourselves & reveals repugnant religious racism that is disgraceful, despicable & deranged.
The countless Christianities are just branches off of the ancient tree of Judaism. There would be no Christianities without the Jewish faith, culture & people. All human beings were created in the image of God & it was good (Genesis 1:27&31) & there is no difference between Jew & Gentile for we all are one (Romans 10:12, 1 Corinthians 12:13, Galatians 3:28). Renaissance Philosopher MACHIAVELLI even warned that those who cannot avoid being hostile to their neighbors are ungrateful to God (“Exhortation to Penitence”, 1527).
Your malicious message represents neither Christian faithfulness nor American patriotism. Faithful Christians do not hate their neighbors (Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31, Luke 10:27) & patriotic Americans do not dispute we all “are created equal” (USA Declaration of Independence).
“Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness…he does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded him.” (1 John 2:9-11).
“There is no argument in the world that carries the hatred that a religious belief one does.” –  MARK TWAIN
“Hate ultimately harms only the hater.” – SOCRATES
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (composed of over 80% Christians)

Response from MRFF Supporter
Dear Fucktards,
I never use to curse as much as I do now when it comes to you mother fuckers fucking with MRFF.  I am a Christian and never once in my over 20 years of being extremely close to the Weinstein’s have they ever ever EVER tried to change me or argue my God. In fact, its never been a topic of discussion.
I would love to know the mother fucker who wrote this e-mail.  Why don’t you sign your name you fucking coward!!! I cant find your Ohio Valley savior bull shit church on the internet.  I suspect this is not even a real e-mail!
(name withheld)
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On Feb 4, 2021, at 8:30 PM, Mike  wrote:


Dear Fellowship Leaders and Leadership Team,
As a member of the Advisory Board of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, it is my pleasure to read and
when appropriate respond to the wonderful trove of letters of gratitude we receive from women and men in the military
whom we’ve been able to assist after they’ve been subjected to unwanted and unwelcome intrusions on their freedom of religious thought or choice of belief system.
Because of our commitment to the protection of their rights, these thoughtful, caring and decent people have too often been manipulated, criticized and/or harassed by religious zealots who presume to know God’s will and care only for the promotion of their own particular, if often bizarre, religious belief system. This they do by arrogating to themselves the right to suppress, ridicule or condemn the free choice of those who believe differently than they would have them do.
I trust you can only imagine then, the forgoing being the case, the sadness that comes over me when I witness the mindlessness of a message like yours. The idea that a group of semi-literate human beings can so denigrate themselves that they become capable of perverting the concepts of Chrstianity, the teachings of Jesus, as you have done here, to defile and condemn others about whom you understand absolutely nothing, is a monstrous heresy.the like of which will earn you the defamation you so richly deserve.
May the days of your insignificant future be full of rewards completely consistent with the poverty of your minds.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Ted Furlow
On Feb 5, 2021, at 12:25 PM, Ted Furlow wrote:

So you are exercised at Mikey for calling out an Army Chaplin for being out of his constitutional lane. Doing so, you manage dredge up all of the anti-Semitic nonsense you can put in an e-mail.  I particularly love that in the midst of a Anti Jewish rant, you stand your critique on Psalm 109, a wonderful piece out of the Old Testament.
As a “Catholic papist” , and thank you for including me in your hate list, I have some thoughts.
  • Ps 109 is a powerful piece, and you should try reading it to yourself in front of mirror.  There is message in there for you in your ignorance. 
  • With many years of religious education, a minor in theology, and a Masters in Pastoral Theology… and brother could you use my help … I have zero distortion on the fundamental article of Christian faith that Jesus was all about love and not violence or hatred.
  • As an ardent and vitriolic anti-Semitic, your use of the words of David, a true Jew, to condemn Mikey in the name of Jesus, another good Jew, is so absurdly ignorant that it precludes comment.    
  • Your Christian supremacy finger pointing is a perversion of the Word, and your claim to be praying to the “real Jesus” in the midst of your anger is an apostacy that rings false. 
You have the right to believe what you choose and to worship as you will.  The rest of us have an equal right to “push back” on your opinions. Your final judgement will be with G_d, not me, so while you count your blessings for that don’t expect a soft landing.
Good luck controlling your rage,
Ted Furlow
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Advisory Board Member




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  1. Ironmoped

    The diatribe of this bigot proves that the Christian Taliban is alive and well in these Un-United States (thanks to them), owing to their zealotry wrapped in the vitriol that has become synonymous with Christianity in this country. This writer and his kind can only be described as bile.

  2. G

    How many of these various Christians silence their fellow human beings for daring to voice their desires and concerns for better wages, better working conditions, and better living conditions and then use biblical scriptures to justify their actions?

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