Re. that new DoD anti-Semitic “blood debt” article…

Hi Mikey & All,

Just read a transcript of your letter to DoD Acting Director Meiners on this idiocy…& it’s even worse than you describe there, of course. Rabbi Yesha ben Joseph (a.k.a. “Jesus Christ”) was executed (according to the accepted account) under orders from the Roman Procurator, by Roman soldiers, using a Roman torture method reserved for people who had acted against the Roman Empire. The story of the bloodthirsty crowd was inserted over 300 years later to reduce the guilt of the Empire which was then setting up this luckless revolutionary to be their new state religion’s secondary deity & most recent demigod. Can’t be having official accounts recording that we’ve executed our own brand-new quasi-fertility demigod now, can we?

I’ve entertained the possibility that the crowd thing was a set-up deal that actually happened, but that version of events would have to assume that Pontius Pilate was somehow shy about executing local troublemakers (spoiler: he wasn’t), or was already deliberately laying groundwork for Constantine’s bold experiment in religious engineering…3 centuries before the fact…..

BTW, LOVE what you do!

(name withheld)




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  1. Sage on the Hudson

    Even the above misses the point.

    The one truly responsible for Jesus’s execution was Jesus, himself.

    The whole story of his life was a drama that he knew perfectly well had to play out. He knew that if he were not executed, and he didn’t arrange for “eyewitness” accounts of his subsequent “resurrection,” nobody would ever remember him. So he put himself in a position where he could be tried and executed as publicly and memorably as possible.

    As such he never offered a defense in his trial before Pontius Pilate in what may be described as the first recorded incidence of “suicide by cop” that is nowadays so commonplace.

  2. Al R.

    The above comments are accurate. Jesus never claimed to be the son of God in the flesh. He claimed to be the Jewish Messiah. His disciples (all Jewish) called him Yeshua Hamashiach (Joshua the Messiah). The New Testament was was written in Greek, and this became Jesus Christos (Jesus the anointed). The Gospels were written decades after his death. They were the written version of oral legends that had been circulating. I believe that only one of the Gospels (John) calls Jesus the actual son of God.

    Jesus did not want to start a new religion. He wanted to reform Judaism. Christianity as a separate religion did not emerge until a couple of centuries later. The Trinity, as doctrine, did not exist until the Council of Nicaea in 325.

    The portrait of Pontius Pilate as a conflicted man was false. He was very cruel. He crucified over 1,000 Jews. He was recalled to Rome because of his savage behavior. So much for that nice man who was bullied by the Jews.

    These Christian zealots should be reminded that Pope John Paul II said once and for all that the Jews were not responsible for the death of Jesus. That is now the official Vatican position. Convincing a fanatic like Rivera is hopeless, though.

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