MRFF Succeeds in Getting Punishment for Officer Using Baffling Brownies to Lure his Unit into Becoming “Witness Bearing Christians”

Published On: June 21, 2022|Categories: Featured News|0 Comments|
Artist rendering of the question mark brownies described by MRFF's clients

A few weeks ago, the members of a large military unit started noticing brownies being left around their workspaces. On these brownies, in blue icing, were question marks. The question mark brownies kept appearing for over a week, their source and meaning unknown to the puzzled members of the unit.

Then, late last week, it was announced on social media by one of the senior officers of this large unit that the meaning of the mystery brownies would finally be revealed, and for everybody to come to the main conference room at noon to find out what that perplexing question mark meant.

The story of what happened next and what the baffling brownies signified is best told by one of MRFF’s 37 clients in the unit in their email in the article below thanking MRFF for getting the brownie-bearing officer punished … but … SPOILER ALERT … JESUS!!!

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