Mere Mention of MRFF Gets Commander to Move Overtly Christian Painting within 24 Hours from IG Training Area to Chapel!

Published On: December 6, 2022|Categories: Featured News|0 Comments|
Classroom with painting of airman kneeling at altar on wall showing close up of painting as an inset

A large, highly sectarian religious painting depicting an airman in a flight suit kneeling at an altar before a priest and a crucifix was hanging in a training area where prospective Inspector General (IG) personnel — the very personnel who will potentially be investigating complaints of such inappropriate religious displays — are being trained!!!

But when an active duty officer MRFF supporter invoked the name of MRFF, an initially unreceptive commander suddenly changed their tune and had the painting moved within 24 hours to the chapel, the only place that such a painting should ever be displayed.

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