MRFF’s Highlights and Achievements on Behalf of U.S. Military Members of the Jewish Faith

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2022 – MRFF Stops Blatant Sectarian Religious Harassment of Jewish Air Force Pilot

2022 – MRFF Condemns U.S. Congressman Who Scheduled “Service Academy Night” on Jewish Holy Day Rosh Hashanah and Refuses to Change Date

2022 – MRFF Puts an End to Commander Badgering Jewish Air Force Pilot to Attend Bible Study by Saying “Jews Do Not Go To Heaven”

2021 – Explosive Coverage from Fox News & UPI of MRFF’s Effort to Stop Jewish and Other Non-Christian Veterans’ Graves from Being “Christianized” (Fox News Video)

2021 – MRFF Forces Immediate Removal of DoD Website Article Seeking Apology from Jews for Killing Jesus

2021 – MRFF’s Swift Action Results in Anti-Semitic Military Bully Boss’ Removal for Demeaning Bigotry in Less Than Thirty-Six Hours!

2021 – Distinguished MRFF Ally Rabbi Joel Schwartzman Forcefully Decries Anti-Semitic Hate Received by MRFF

2020 — MRFF-Initiated Removal of Nazi Swastika Engraved Headstones Goes Viral in Major Media

2020 — Viral Worldwide Coverage of MRFF’s Major Victory: VA Secretary Wilkie Caves! Nazi Headstones Will Be Removed! 

2020 – Jewish War Veterans National Commander Praises Mikey Weinstein as “Boat Rocker” for Getting VA to Remove Swastika Headstones

2020 – Mikey Weinstein Takes on White Supremacist Ryan J Murdough, Founder and President of New Hampshire Nationalists who is Running for State Representative in 2020

2020 – Vile Anti-Semitic Hate Mail to MRFF Sparks Superb Commentary from “Padre Steve’s World” 

2018 – MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein Receives Distinguished Honor from Jewish War Veterans (JWV) of the United States Department of Minnesota (Department)

2016 – MRFF Stops Christian Proselytizing at U.S. Army Base’s Child Development Center in Less than 20 Hours

2016 – Los Angeles Jewish Journal published Mikey’s Op-Ed titled “Why Does Our Military Support Deplorable Crusader Unit Names, Imagery?”

2014 – (VIDEO 1:04) Pat Robertson Attacks Mikey Weinstein: “‘One Little Jewish Radical’ Has ‘Terrorized’ Our Cowardly Military”

2013 – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Article shows the opposition that Mikey has faced due to his outspoken, straightforward style of advocacy

2012 – The Texas’ Jewish Herald Voice profile of Mikey Weinstein: “Fighting for Military Religious Freedom”

2010 – Florida Jewish Journal Article, written by Rabbi Bruce Warshal, revealing the danger of aggressive Christian fundamentalist proselytizing within the military. Rabbi Warshal is the publisher emeritus of the Jewish Journal.

2008 – Jews For Racial & Economic Justice 12th Annual Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Risk-Taker Award presented to Mikey Weinstein

2008 – MRFF Stood Up for Pvt. Michael Handman, who faced a vicious anti-Semitic assault at Fort Benning.

2008 – The Dayton Jewish Observer Article “Religious intolerance at Wright Patt?”

2007 – Los Angeles Jewish Journal Cover Story presents an excellent perspective of Mikey’s general style and the importance of our fight

An Unremitting Onslaught of Anti-Semitic Bigotry and Threats Target Mikey Weinstein and his Family

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