MRFF Advisory Board Member Col. James T. Currie, USA (Ret.), responds to Mikey Weinstein’s Op-Ed on the rising antisemitism from the Israel-Hamas War, writing: “I am so proud to be associated with such a terrific civil rights-defending organization as MRFF and stand in solidarity with you, Mikey”

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From: James Currie
Subject: Re: Mikey Weinstein Breaks Silence on Israel-Hamas War: “Jews, Jews Jews; How Do We Choose?”
Date: November 2, 2023 at 4:19:40 PM MDT
To: [email protected]

So well said, Mikey. I am so proud to be associated with such a terrific civil rights-defending organization as MRFF and stand in solidarity with you, Mikey, and all others who defend our Constitution and the men and women who pledge to defend it. Terrorists are terrorists, and I stand against them, no matter where they live. I cannot understand the young people who embrace a group like Hamas as if it is nothing more than a Middle Eastern version of a Rotary Club. Hamas kills Jews because they are Jews, just like World War II Nazis–which many of our fathers fought against–killed Jews just because they were Jews. Israel exists because the Holocaust happened, and those who would deny Israel’s existence are the same who deny the Holocaust. As a historian, I embrace the truth of history, though I fear that too few people learn from it. Jews certainly did, and that is why there is an Israel today: a place where Jews know that their own government will never knock on their door in the middle of the night and hustle them away to oblivion. The “Christian nationalists” who think the United States was founded as a Christian country have not learned our own history. The US was purposely not founded as a Christian country because our country’s founders did not want all the problems that would come with such. They had seen–and their ancestors had often been a part of–the religious wars that so devastated Europe, and our Founders wanted nothing like that in our country. Hence our Constitution was written as a secular document, with guarantees against any religious test for holding office. Then those same men added the First Amendment, which is the foundation of what MRFF stands for. I am proud to stand with you and other supporters of MRFF, Mikey, and I assure you I will do so for as long as I draw a breath.

Col. James T. Currie, USA (Ret.), Ph.D. (historian)

Click here to read Mikey Weinstein’s op-ed “Jews, Jews Jews; How Do We Choose?” on Daily Kos

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  1. Ironmoped December 5, 2023 at 10:51 am

    This one got by me.

    COL Currie says he doesn’t understand young people supporting Hamas, but could it be they are not supporting Hamas, but rather, supporting the people of Palestine? Akin to saying North Koreans are all terrorists because they won’t rise up against Kim Jong Un! Ridiculous.

    The Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, publicly stated that the Palestinian people in Gaza are terrorists because they haven’t risen up against Hamas. Really? If that’s true, then Israeli citizens are terrorists on steroids because they haven’t risen up against the likes of Herzog, Netanyahu, snd the Likud, and are therefore, fair game by Herzog’s own standards.

    Israel told the Palestinians in Gaza to move south, so as to better target them for extermination? The conduct of those operations well underway and in view of the whole world. They literally bombed the shit out of Rafah after telling them to move south to Rafah, hoping to force Egypt into accepting millions of Palestinian refugees. The Palestinians have not only been bombed incessantly, but have had their life support completely cut off, food, water, electricity, waste treatment, medical care. Israel attacked ambulance convoys and bombed hospitals. Who are the Nazis in this scenario?

    The Israeli propaganda machine went from 0 to 100 instantaneously after the Hamas attack of October the 7th, supporting unconfirmed story lines of 40 Israeli babies being beheaded, the IDF itself wouldn’t corroborate the disinformation, the IDF having been credited with killing some of its own people in the confusion of the attack, many of the Hamas targets military targets.

    Of course, the “beheading,” and complete obliteration of Palestinian babies, by way of US munitions, goes completely unchallenged. To quote from Israeli Rabbi Yaron Rueven, “God commands us to kill children….”

    Really? This is the bastion of Israeli civility that gets supported by the likes of COL Currie and the pro-Israel sympaticos?

    It’s, quite honestly, fucking disgusting!

    Israel is an apartheid State, an ethnic cleanser, no different than the former oppressors of Jews in Nazi Germany, albeit, the methodology for extermination a bit different, the end result the same.

    To say Israel is run by an extreme Right-Wing Government is the mother of all understatements! A Government that has never wanted a two-State solution. They want a single State of Israel, from the river to the sea, without Palestinians in it!

    Ask Craig and Cindy Corrie what they think of the Israeli Government, their daughter Rachel having been run over twice by an Israeli bulldozer as she peacefully protested the illegal destruction of a Palestinian home in the West Bank!

    Palestinians in the West Bank being targeted by Israeli settlers after having been issued assault rifles by Israel’s Minister of Chaos, Ben Gvir, the head of the ultra right Otzma Yehudit, spurned on and fully supported by IDF minders as they carry out their carnage against West Bank Palestinians.

    COL Currie says he stands against terrorists, no matter where they live. So that would include the terrorists in Israel, at the highest levels of Government, as they terrorize Palestinian innocents?

    I find Israel absolutely abhorrent in its genocide against the Palestinian people. The open-air prison that has been Gaza for the last 16 years, completely controlled by Israel, 2.3 million people in Gaza incarcerated in a 25 mile by 5 mile strip, behind completely sealed barriers, fortified physically and with the highest electronic technology, guard towers, and patrolled by IDF guards, a 70% unemployment rate and zero chance of even a modicum of human existence. There are generations of Palestinians living in a 25×6 mile strip of land that have never been outside of their confines, terrorized by Israeli bombs throughout years of disproportionate retaliation and carnage with US weaponry.

    The Israeli-funded Hamas, yes, you heard that right, Hamas having been funded by Israel to weaken the power (successfully) of the Palestinian Authority and to marginalize Yassar Arafat, later to have died mysteriously by a French ruled sudden blood disorder (the Swiss found elevated levels of Polonium 210 in his exhumed corpse). But Hamas grew up to throw off the shackles of the incarceration of the Palestinian people, in Gaza and in Israel, many children held in Israeli prisons without charge, the abhorrence of Israeli actions and carnage disgustingly detestable. All with the support of US tax dollars!

    As Jews in Grand Central Station have said, “Not In My Name!”

    Yeah, I know, I’ll receive the “you’re anti-Semitic” charge, because for no other reason, that’s all you’ve got! The conflation of anti-semitism with criticism of the Israeli Government is the standard in suppressing dissenting views, both, in Israel and in the United States.

    COL Currie says that Hamas kills Jews because they are Jews but a counterpoint could equally charge that Israelis kill Palestinians because they are Palestinian! It’s akin to a prisoner killing a prison guard and the administrators killing a third of the prisoner population in retribution.

    The charge that Hamas kills Jews just like World War II Nazis is preposterous and that conflation is seriously disingenuous. The Nazi comparison in this never ending Nakba is coming from Israel, specifically, Netanyahu and his Likud supported Kahanists.

    Israel doesn’t exist because of the Holocaust, that’s flagrantly incorrect given that the Balfour declaration preceded the establishment of the State of Israel by half a century.

    While it may be true (“may” the operative word) that the Israeli Government will never knock on doors of Israelis in the middle of the night, they’ll damn sure knock on the doors of Palestinians in the middle of the night, both in the West Bank and Gaza. The knock on the door in Gaza will come in the form of a 2000 lb “door opener” that levels the whole apartment block, hustling everyone in it away to oblivion to use COL Currie’s words.

    Most won’t remember that Iran proposed a “Nuclear Free” Middle East in 1974, only to be voted against by Israel and the United States! I’m saying that to say that if you think Netanyahu and the State of Israel have given up on attacking Iran, you’d be sadly mistaken!

    First the Palestinian issue – notice how ALL “attacks” reported in the main stream media are reported as “Iranian-backed.” You know why? To get you used to the idea, to condition you to acceptance, when the time comes, of your sons and daughters going off to fight yet another righteous war in the Middle East, specifically, against Iran, the spreader of terror (we’re told) throughout the region. But you’ll be fighting that war on behalf of Israel!

    Remember, we are the ones (the CIA and Kermit Roosevelt) that overthrew the first democratically elected Government in Iran!

    Get ready! Israel won’t end with just the Palestinians. And America’s troops are going to be called.

    I urge everyone to call/write to the White House and your representatives to “end the carnage now!”

    It doesn’t mean you support Hamas as some would have you believe. It means that you see and understand the carnage and tragic loss of human life that the United States is complicit in and want it to stop.

    Show the world the better angels of our nature.

    Stop The Carnage Now!

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