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Published On: March 30, 2010|Categories: News|2 Comments|

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By Chris Rodda, MRFF Sr. Research Director

“…the U.S. military, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to remove the inscriptions from the sights that are in storage first, and then wait to remove them from the sights on the weapons currently in use in Iraq and Afghanistan, after the deployed units that are using them return home, a plan that completely ignores the biggest reason that the inscriptions urgently needed to be removed.”

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features MRFF and relates to our most vital cause. – Jesus Rifles — The Resurrection

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  1. BrianKresge April 14, 2010 at 7:41 am


    Great article.

    I can understand the logistical reason why the Pentagon has opted for the methodology it has. Replacing or modifying the sight optics while in theater may require visiting ranges en masse to ensure the sight is tuned to the weapon–vital for accuracy and such in theater, after such a modification is rendered. Of course, without the particulars of how the modification to the sight works, it’s hard to say exactly what is required and the chances of affecting a weapon’s “zero.”

    In weighing the force protection aspects of this vs. the overall COIN strategy, it really seems a no-brainer that it’s worth the time and effort in theater to make the modification and perform whatever steps. There’s the physical aspect of having a functional weapon system as a force protection mechanism, and then there’s taking steps to diminish the reasons why the enemy might want to kill your soldiers.

    Is it possible to find out and detail the process involved in modifying the sight, so we can understand why General Tamilio might believe the scripture on it isn’t as big a deal to the troops mission as in-theater replacement?

    Thanks so much for this. I’d be annoyed if my rifle had Christian bible messages on it. I can only imagine what it means to the Afghanis.

  2. Wesker April 23, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    Mikey… M249 has this sequence in the serial number “Sura95″….oh no…Its commanding me to kill the infidels..what ever shall I do!!!

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