COLORADO SPRINGS INDEPENDENT – Here we go again … AFA and religion

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More from the Air Force Academy dispute over religious neutrality:

While the Air Force Academy refused to disseminate to everyone the Air Force Chief of Staff’s guidance about maintaining “government neutrality regarding religion,” apparently it’s OK for a chaplain there to send out a notice about a Christian seminar to everyone…

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  1. Maggie

    I have been to the Academy and seen the most beautiful house of worship. I was duly impressed that it was built to be a haven for and in respect to all major religions.
    I am the wife of a previous Air Force member and the mother of an active member. I come from a military family. I am so sorry for your intolerance of this act meant to help and bring joy to children. What difference what the good wishes and prayers attached to the gift is.It is what is in the heart and certainly there was no intent to be disrespectful to any other religion but to bring joy to a child. I am never offended by anyones good act rather it be provided by one with a religious intent or an athiest. There is so little good left in this world,why would you discourage it.
    I would not want to be you Mikey. Going around looking for good people doing good things and actively searching for something wrong seems like a sad way to live,but it takes all kinds I guess.
    My hope is you will provide the children with the gifts and add whatever note you wish to include. I am sure your good thoughts would also be appreciated by the children.
    The best to you and yours ,prayers (or not if that is offensive) for all of our military and families are a normal part of a day in my home.

  2. Dwaine B

    People like you should just do us all a favor and die. I would throw a huge party if you were to croak! Do you have nothing better to do but to critisize people for doing good. Get a fucking job you useless waste of sperm. Its a good event for kids and people like you are destroying this country and need to be removed from this great country. What an absolute waste of time. Maybe you should do something useful with your life instead of critisizing others. Do us all a favor…Go jump off a cliff and take any of your family members with you. You shoot your shitty mouth off and express your First Ammendment rights against those very same people who fight and have fought for you to say stupid shit. GET A JOB!!!

  3. Dwaine B

    My comment is Awaiting moderation?? Another fairy that once again only believes in the First Ammendment unless he doesnt agree with what your saying!

  4. Dwaine B

    By the way…I am researching to make sure you are NOT receiving any government funding! If you are, your ass is grass as I will take it to court!

    Yours Truly

    A soldier of freedom!

  5. Paul Bennett

    Agian we are faced with an agent of the devil. I think Glen Beck would like to have a look into your organization. I will be sure to send my best regaurds Lucifer. I was a member of the Air Force so this is personel to me if you get my meaning. Mr. Wienstien you will feel Our wrath.

  6. First Amendment 42


    What about our First Amendment rights. Christians have rights too. And the Christians in the U.S. Military have the right to give out care packages to people all over the world. And that includes evangelical Christians. Don’t be tyrannical and take the care packages away from the needy. What do you do for the needy? Do you care? They do. The evangelicals do. So leave them be and let them spread Jesus. Jesus is good. What the rest of the world has right now is not. Look around the world and see the problems. Care packages make sense and Christians have the same right to speak out that you do. Remember that. Its CONSTITUTIONAL.

    Mr. First Amendment

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