FEATURED CLIENT TESTIMONIAL – Additional Religious Whiteboards at USAFA

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To Whom It May Concern,

Until recently I would have disagreed with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s viewpoint on the United States Air Forces Academy as being an institution that “elevated one religious faith (fundamentalist Christianity) over all other.” As an Agnostic at the Academy I have felt that overall, I have been equally treated and that religion has not played a major issue.

However, after the Fox news article was released about the Bible verse being removed from a cadet’s whiteboard, a population of the cadet wing has in turn, responded with addition religious quotes placed outside their doors in the public hallways; one of which being the original quote that was removed. Attached are 9 examples of religious quotes that have been posted. I understand that these responses are quick reactions but I believe that they are a violation of AFI 1-1. Theses posts, quotes, and comments on social media have created a hostile environment and have lead to a decrease in unit cohesion and morale and are unprofessional in the military environment.

Although I am disappointed in the actions of my fellow classmates, I am more disappointed that they can not recognize that these actions can be offensive to others. I believe that Academy leadership recognized their mistake and corrected it by making the cadet take down their quote. I am hoping that we can bring this to their attention in order to resolve this situation in a positive manner.

While I recognize that the Academy is not perfect, I believe that we can learn from examples such as this to better promote a culture of respect and human dignity.

Very Respectfully,



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  1. rwahrens March 12, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    I notice that a lot of the whiteboards are in front of rooms that apparently belong to NCOs. This illustrates PERFECTLY what the issue is…a failure of the command structure to properly enforce these regulations.

  2. NoFkGvn March 12, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    We were a country founded on freedom that has turned into a country of the freedom to not be offended. I should be able to believe whatever I want and however I want. If someone is offended by what I have to say, do not listen. If someone is offended by what I have written down, do not read it. Go on about your business and be on your merry way.

    These young men and women are attending a Military Academy…a militant college. They work, study, and live in the same place each and everyday. These are not official “Military Offices” for “Official Use Only”…they are their homes…their dormitories…would this same thing blow up and out-of-control at an Air Force Dormitory? I don’t think so.

    The cadet who wrote that letter speaks about respect for human dignity. What about the respect for those who are proud to be Christians? Does the Academy oppress those who are not? No. Do they stop any other religion from practicing their faith? No. Did the Academy go into an uproar this past ash Wednesday when Catholic cadets walked the halls of the institution with ash crosses on their foreheads??? No! No one got offended by those acts and displays of faith. Are their cadets who wear yamakas? Yes! Are they chastised for it? No! The Academy treats each of their cadets equally and fairly with regard to their religious beliefs.

    What if a cadet worships Arnold Schwarzenegger…are you going to ban quotes from him as well? What about those who worship politicians? Are you going to ban quotes from Presidents?

    You ban one quote…you ban them all…this isn’t about religion…is about censorship…and I’m am saddened to be a part of it…

    Placing these quotes on whiteboards are examples of free exercise of religion. The only time this comes even remotely into play for Mr. Weinstein and his possie would be if a Cadet, in an authoritative role, ordered his/her cadets to put religious quotes on their doors, and if they did not…punishing them…then that ladies and gentlemen would be a violation of the establishment clause of the Constitution.

    Are you really all that blind to see the difference between free exercise and the establishment of??

  3. Henry March 12, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    NoFkGvn, u sound moronic with that logic…as a federal building, no individual has the right to post any religious material in public spaces….end of story …!!!! try that in my federal workplace and i will see u on disciplinary action…continue to do it and u r fired….end of story……

  4. Qizilbash March 12, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    Please use care when quoting the Qoran, b/c most Muslims believe as an article of their Faith that The Prophet’s words that became the Holy Book are the actual words of God.

  5. wbfey March 13, 2014 at 8:57 am

    rwahrens, the NCOs are, I believe, cadet NCOs, or Second Classmen (Juniors) from the Academy. Nevertheless, the point is that these are individuals in a military hierarchy who have chosen open revolt over obedience to lawful orders. The religious inculcation of the Cadet Wing (I graduated from USAFA many years ago) has been always present, but it is only in the relatively recent past that the matter has come to a head. Without the tireless efforts of MW and the MRFF, this kind of shit would have been much more pronounced and worse, it would have continued to be hidden from view.

  6. BernardValentin March 13, 2014 at 11:03 am

    Here we go again,
    Of course Mikey will hide behind his anti Christian Agenda and promote the Separation of Church and State. Is it really that hard to understand that the Separation of Church and State is not from the constitution but a statement that the government will not tolerate the establishment of a state religion? Please portray it accurately.

    How can any cognitive person construe a cadet writing a bible verse, his personal core belief, on his personal white board attached to the door of his personal residence, as the government establishing and forcing a religious belief on anther person or creating a hostile environment? Don’t SAY it is hostile, Show us WHY it is hostile?

    Mikey, Not like you would have ever had the guts to discuss the facts with a person that has the ability to debate you. But just in case you are now willing, Please answer the following question for ALL the readers:

    •Q: Where in the constitution is “separation of church and state” mentioned: (A: nowhere)
    •Q: where in the constitution does is say if you work for the government, you give up your right to freedom of religion (A: nowhere).
    •Q: does the fact that the door is owned by the government dictate that you are not allowed to your personal use and exercise of religion in and around your government door, A:no. With that reasoning wouldn’t anybody on public assistance of if Fannie-May holds the deed to your hose, would you be prohibited from exercise of any religion? A:no

    Mikey, You are a fraud and a coward, You have fought the fight against the very institution that protects the world’s freedom. you are meerly a lonely, hateful christi-phobe. Calling for the discipline of a cadet makes you look so stupid. Why didn’t you stand up against Major Nidal Malik Hasan when he used religion in his defend for the terrorist attack at Fort Hood, Oh yeah, He hates Christian too, Let his pass.

    Is there anybody that would prefer to live in a world full of of Mikey Weinsteins that want anything they do not like silenced (Sounds like an Austrian Painter we all knew) over living in world full of Cadets that are proud of their faith and want to proclaim by writing it down in their own homes. Yes, in view of others (how horrible), all this debauchery while protecting your right to believe in anything you want and exercise it how you want?

    Nobody wants you Mikey, Nobody. Not a contest.

    My offer still stands Mikey, If you would like me to come to your Hate Factory and explain how the Constitution works and more importantly what is says to you and your modern day Roman Soldiers that parrot your flawed misinformation, I am available to educate you and your organization, any time Any where

    You ar now free to delete this message like you have on previous occasion when I have handily proved you out to be a fraud, Not like that is so hard.

  7. Constitution Defender March 22, 2014 at 10:07 am

    The key in this case is to encourage the continual Constitutionally-protected free expression of religious faith by exhorting all religious servicemembers to post religious quotes on their dry erase boards.

    I know of more active duty members who posted religious quotes on their own personal dry erase boards as a direct response to the persecution conducted by the MRFF.

    The key is to inundate the MRFF with lawsuits, tying them up in court, and bleeding their funds. There are more organizations committed to defending the Constitution that are available to utilize in this case, and the trick is to fight this battle in the court room.

    Using this method, the truth will always surface, and little Mikey will have his little hands full, thereby allowing our servicemembers the freedom to pursue their studies and official duties in a peaceful environment without the threat of persecution by this radical atheist hate group.

    Fight fire with fire and settle this for good by sending it to the Supreme Court.

    Every age in history has its villains, and Mikey is clearly one of these in today’s cultural landscape.

    Now go post those “terribly offensive” Bible quotes… :)

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