AFA Law is Not USA Law: MRFF Hits Hard at American Family Association with Full Page Ad

The American Family Association located in Tupelo, Mississippi, woke up Easter Sunday to MRFF’s full page ad in their hometown newspaper, the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal


  Click to read background on why MRFF ran this ad


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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear MRFF,

    You guys just crack me up! Do you not realize that God’s laws trump any of man’s laws in any country. It will be God’s laws that all of humanity will have to adhere to when Yeshua / Jesus comes back again and sets up His theocratic kingdom on earth and all those who will not bow there knew to Him and call Him Lord he will destroy!


  2. Red

    Dear Yeshua Warrior,

    You’re type just crack me up! Do you not realize that civil laws trumps any religious laws in this country. It will be man’s laws that all of humanity will have to adhere to when Yeshua / Jesus is eventually categorized as the myth like all previous gods before and all those who will not surrender to reason and logic will be destroyed behind a wall of laughter and ridicule.


  3. Red

    I totally used the wrong your….dangit. 🙂

  4. James

    Ok, first off, I am a veteran and I fought for people, even stupid people like this guy to have their opinions. However, when your opinions are based on false information, such as the flag, the constitution and patriotism being part of religion is simply wrong. While these are admirable attributes they are NOT part of religion. Also, as a veteran, I fought for people’s right to be able to express their faith regardless of what uniform they where. Whether it is a military uniform, a police for fire uniform or a Walmart uniform, people have the right to live their faith as they see fit. Besides the constitution guarantees “freedom of religion” NOT “freedom from religion”. Thank you for your opinion, it has been duly noted and filed under the proper catagory.

  5. James


    Enjoy your time in hell upon your demise. We will still pray for your lost soul

  6. Yupelov

    The MFRR is the most stupid of group,.You offend America along with the Jesus,.

  7. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear Red,

    Did you know that there is more historical evidence of Jesus than of Julius Caesar. Even Jewish historians like Josephus attest that Jesus was a real person! So, He is no myth and will return again to set up his earthly kingdom from Jerusalem.

  8. Judgeedee

    Sorry, fanatics. As was pointed out quite brilliantly in another letter, the establishment clause in our Constitution defines the law of the land. Rights and freedoms are collolary. You can foam at the mouth with threats of Jesus, but all that is just wind and sails. The USA ain’t no theocracy and never will be, and that is what the MRFF has promised to defend.

  9. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear Judgeedee,

    I have read the end of the book and history ends like this “every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” All of the earth will be ruled by Christ from Jerusalem and everyone must bow their knew before Him and proclaim that He is Lord. All the world will be under His theocracy! He will put an end to all wars, all abortions, all homosexual relationships and marriages etc etc.

  10. Judgeedee

    I have neither the time nor the energy, Yesua Warrior. Do not direct future commentary to me personally.

  11. JamesMadison

    “Religion and government will BOTH exist in greater purity the LESS they are mixed together”, James Madison, the FATHER OF THE CONSTITUTION in a letter to Edward Livingston, available FREE on the net.

    I only wish that jackasses that claim the Constitution only protects us from religious interference from the government and never the other way around would get off of their fat stupid asses and look it up for themselves. It’s very clear that the founders wanted a wall of separation between church and state. We should not be weakening this, we should be applying more cement!

    Religious freedom (actually freedom of conscience!) is for ALL people. Now go to church and work on yourself and leave government to the educated adults.

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