3/6/16 HUFFINGTON POST – Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Shall We Gather at the VA Site — and Respect the Constitution?

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1 Comment

  1. Holy Rebel

    First of all thank you Col. Wilkerson for your service. Secondly, we could go round and round about the MIA/POW table at VA’s, so I will not deal with that here, what I want to draw your attention to and what I find exception to is that in your article at the end that you call God her.

    God is not a her, and technically God is not a he either, he is neuter, however, the Hebrew pronoun for God in the Old Testament called Yahweh is masculine. God throughout scripture is referred to as masculine because he is called King, Father, Divine Warrior and a Jilted Husband/Lover. So, if you can tell me from scripture how a father can be a mother then I might be willing to listen.

    We see throughout the bible God’s order of things, He created Adam before he created Eve. All the Hebrew patriarchs were male, and all the judges of Israel were male except there was Deborah who was a judge for a while for Israel. In the New Testament we see all the apostles were male. In the Epistles you see where the head leadership of the church is to be male. Women can serve as pastors but they must be under the headship of a male senior pastor. Timothy in his epistle says that you are to appoint deacons and gives what are the qualifications like the husband of one wife. Paul says in Ephesians that the wife is to submit to her husband as the church is to submit as the bride of Christ is to submit to Christ as the bridegroom. Now before anyone goes off and says that God is against women He is not, He has given different roles to men and women which functions best as He has determined them to do. Does not mean that a woman is any bit less than a man, but this is God’s divine order for how things are to work out best. When God created Eve, her function as God designed it to be was to serve as a helpmeet to her husband.

    So, please do not call God a she or her, He is not!

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