Mr Weinstein, (“Mikey”),

Thank you for sharing the response to your MRFF from the Tobyhanna Army Depot on the matter of the alleged re-appearance of the Christian Bible on their POW/MIA table in apparent full view of all employees, active duty and all visitors to the Depot. 

Nevertheless the Depot’s response  is a series of poor excuses for the re-appearance of the Bible on an important display in what appears to be a very important location – namely the lobby of this Depot’s main administration building.

Because of the importance of scrupulous attention that should be paid by Depot Command toward complying with constitutionally driven Federal Regulations on this very important issue the need for more periodic scheduled inspections of potential areas of infraction certainly seem warranted. 

I believe that this Depot and for that matter all DoD and VA federal facilities need to institute a thorough review of these and other displays to ensure that Federal regulations that exist are not broken. I personally view this to be a matter of utmost importance.

To that end I believe and recommend that relevant leaders in the DoD and VA issue a frequent enough inspection protocol and robust schedule to ensure that the recommendations of the MRFF and federal regulations are being met.

Thank you again for your incredible courage and your extremely important work on behalf of all Americans but especially those active duty, civilians and veterans who have served or continue to serve in the United States Military. 



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  1. Tom O

    Is the Tobyhanna Army Depot’s response posted on this website? If so, I can’t find it.

  2. Rev Bob

    That person wants to you government money and time to inspect a stupid table to see if there is a bible on it. The military is going in the toilet, thanks of course to Obama.

  3. Tom O

    Military regulations forbidding government endorsement or support for religion were enacted before Obama was president. Apparently Rev Bob thinks that printing the name and symbol of a specific military base on the cover of a bible and displaying it at the entrance to a military base is perfectly OK. Would he feel the same about doing that with any other religion’s holy book?

  4. Tom O

    The MRFF was formed in 2006 to work against the Christian dominionists who had been trying to turn the US military into “warriors for Jesus”. That was 2 years before Obama was elected president.

  5. Tom O

    Read the letter from Tobyhanna’s Public Affairs Officer at

    which includes ” the bible was immediately removed in compliance with the 1997 Federal Guidelines on Religious Exercise and Religious Expression in the Federal Workplace.”
    Was Obama president in 1997? If those guidelines were so anti-Christian, why weren’t they changed between 2001 and 2008?

  6. Tom O

    Rev Bob doesn’t like the use of “government money and time to inspect a stupid table to see if there is a bible on it.” The table is in the lobby of this Depot’s main administration building, and is seen by many people every day, so no extra effort is needed to “inspect” it.

  7. Connie

    It figures Rev Bob suffers from Obama Derangement Syndrome. Please Rev Bob, see a doctor. Think of the children!!!!!!!

  8. G

    Rev Bob, the country is going into a toilet thanks to the wealthy people, business people, and the Republican Party and praying to God to turn the country around has not worked at all.

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