Featured “Thank You” Email From Christian MRFF Client: “I Am Evangelical Christian and MRF Foundation Helped Us”

From: U.S. Army Soldier’s E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: I Am Evangelical Christian and MRF Foundation Helped Us
Date: June 4, 2018 at 12:06:51 PM MDT
To: Information Weinstein <[email protected]>

My rank is (withheld). And I am a U.S. soldier in the (immediate unit and higher level unit designations withheld) stationed at Fort (name withheld) in (state withheld).

I am evangelical Christian and a member of The Foursquare Church. And have been since I first accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. And was born again as a 7th grader living in (name withheld) California. I have eternal life in Christ.
Recently I asked (name and rank withheld) who is my supervisor to help me approach my commander (name and rank withheld) and ask him to stop taking the Lord’s name in vain all of the time. I understand that this is the Army and soldiers will cuss. But our commander says “Jesus F—ing Christ” all the time and I and other soldiers find it offensive to our faith in Christ. Our commander says this all of the time and not just a few times a day or night. It is his go to phrase.
My supervisor declined to help us talk to the commander and did not say why? But he told us about the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. He gave me a phone number to call Mr. M. Weinstein.
Mr. Weinstein answered my call his self and took down all of the facts to the problem. He was nice like my supervisor said. He talks fast and acted even faster. 
Mr. Weinstein spoke to some people above my commander in our chain. And we have seen that the cussing has suddenly just plain stopped. 
(Name and rank of supervisor withheld) says that (name and rank of commander withheld) was very angry at first when he got called in to see (superior unit commander’s name and rank withheld) due to Mr. Weinstein’s phone call. But now he has cooled off and is not that angry. Even though (name and rank of commander withheld) said that since he’s Christian too and because of that he could not be accused of offending other Christians because of his cussing. But that is not true!
I and my other battle buddies are very thankful for this help from the MRF Foundation. Even though we know that Mr. Weinstein and the MRF Foundation is not yet a follower of Jesus Christ. He and the MRF Foundation helped us all the same.
I do not want to offend Mr. Weinstein or the MRF Foundation but we will pray that they all come to know the love and peace of walking with Jesus Christ. Thank you all at the MRF Foundation for helping us when we needed you to help. Because our supervisor wouldn’t. And he’s Christian too. Like our commander is.
May God Bless the MRF Foundation with the love of His only Begotten Son.  (Soldier’s name, rank, MOS, job title all withheld)

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  1. Marshalldoc

    Aside from being yet another exemplar of the ecumenical nature of the work Mikey & MRFF do, this letter serves another purpose. As one who frequently posts rebuttals to the atrocious screeds leveled at Mikey & MRFF, one of the calumnies frequently leveled in these attacks is that Mikey & MRFF are ‘anti-Christian bigots’ or similar. So, I intend to bookmark this page (and if you write rebuttal comments, you might also) to insure that aside from pointing out the intentional lie (the morons writing such screeds know they’re lying – but somehow distance their uber Christian righteousness from the fact that by making such a knowingly false accusation they’re violating that ‘thou shalt not bear false witness…’ thingy in the Decalogue they’re so anxious to post in our schools & courts in contravention to the Constitution), I can also point to the fact that Mikey’s actions belie their malicious assaults.

  2. jimbo

    Will the same respect be shown the atheist who asks for proof of any gods before such decisions take place? How about respect for my religious rights, the right to not be continually assaulted with Christian proselytizing. Oops I don’t have a voice can’t have that. When the power of religion is misused then one may only hope we survive as a nation, theocracy won’t tolerate our freedoms.

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