The “Christian Fighter Pilot” Sinks to New Low – Maligns Pilot with ALS for Not Being Christian

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  1. G

    Well, so much for military pilots being a really close band of brothers.

  2. OldSoldier

    The Christian fighter pilot didn’t “mock” this man with ALS. All he said was basically people need God in their lives especially when their facing death.

  3. G

    Old soldier, the Christian fighter pilot was mocking the pilot. Furthermore, people have been dying for a long time and many of them probably could care less about God despite all the terrible things that they did to people especially using the name of God to justify their actions.

  4. Grey One talks sass


    The Christian Fighter Pilot presumed to tell an honorable person who is living their life as they see fit that they are doing it wrong. Please tell me how that is not mocking them?

    I read the original article. Holloway might or might not be a person of faith but like an exemplary warrior, they keep it to themselves.

    Of course Lt. Col. Dowty had write about pushing their idea of faith onto another person. Why of course? Oh, I know Dowty having the displeasure of reading their silage for the past five years – know ones enemy and all. He could have written about how Holloways’ illness and impending death caused him to reflect on his own mortality but no, he didn’t because that would take a level of self awareness which Dowty doesn’t possess.

    I know a few things about facing death and it seems Holloway already knows what is important. Personally I found embracing mortality freeing as it strips ones life of all games. I leave nothing unsaid, no picnic uneaten, and no emotion denied. Even though Holloway faces a future which will not be easy he has his wife and family and an healthy attitude about life and death, which truly is enough.

  5. OldSoldier

    G your time will come someday and I hope that you will accept God and ask him to save you. There are people who use God as an excuse to hurt others I agree but there are good people who are Christians and you and Gray one seem to vilify them enmasse and I don’t know why

  6. Grey One talks sass


    There you go again making broad sweeping statements without a lick of fact to back you up. I’ve never vilified all Christians only Christian Nationalists.

    As I’ve stated before Christians live their life as their Lord and Savior commanded. They do good works, they love their neighbor, and most importantly they know the USA is a secular nation with the freedom to worship or not as each individual desires. In simple terms they know how to share.

    Christian Nationalists don’t share. They pay lip service to what their Lord and Savior commanded and look down on the Christians I defined above as Not The Correct Sort of Christian. Christian Nationalists believe the only religion worthy of protection by the state is their “Correct Christianity”. Christian Nationalists believe the USA is a Christian Nation despite the words of the founding fathers and subsequent legal documents proving otherwise.

    And yes, OldSoldier, I always vilify Christian Nationalists because they are everything Christ taught against.

    tl:dr Christians are about faith, Christian Nationalists are about power. And yes, I want to shove Christian Nationalists into the closet where they can fantasize about their persecution fetish without disturbing the rest of humanity.

    (I responded earlier to OldSoldier while on my phone but the interwebz ate it. I guess it was hungry).

  7. G

    Old Soldier, as I have stated on previous threads on this website, many people lost their religion and don’t believe that there is a God after going through a war or I might add going through something just as bad like rape, physical and/or mental abuse of all sorts, etc. I also will add that you don’t see the Lord coming down to protect those people or to help them overcome what they have been through.

    I will also say again that church attendance in Europe has gone down significantly; yet, those Europeans have a far better standard of living and they manage to do it without the help of God.

    Vilified Christians? It is the Christians who vilifying other religious and non-religious groups and even vilified each other so get rid of the holier than art thou attitude.

    If I make you sick with my statements, then see the doctor and i will say it again that you are lucky to have free/affordable medicine in the military when most Americans don’t have it and praying for them when they get sick is not going to save their souls.

  8. BRP

    Those in Europe may have left their faith behind, but it will not stop them being thrown in the lake of fire as Christ said that would happen to them if they will not accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

  9. G

    BRP, those Europeans may have left their faith behind; however, when it comes to deeds, they are far better than us for giving themselves a better standard of living even though America has more resources and money than they do.

    Lake of Fire? Yeah right, we got more fires on this planet than ever before and sooner or later, there will be no water to put out the fires next time.

  10. BRP

    Your are crying chicken little, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, no more water, bologna, there will be plenty of water, and the world will not end in 12 years either. The world will end when God decides to destroy it and no person on earth can override His sovereign rule over the earth. He evens knows the day, hour, minute, where and how your life will come to an end and there is nothing you can do to change that.

  11. G

    Wrong, BRP. The oil companies had known about global climate change since the 50s and 70s and suppress their own reports about it. Even the Pentagon did a report about it as well.

    How do you know there will be plenty of water and the world will not end in 12 years? You have major cities facing drought because of the lack of water in their area. Did God come to you in a dream and tell you that?

  12. Grey One talks sass

    G, I hate to admit BRP is correct but yes, there will still be water. We are a closed ecosystem after all. What BRP doesn’t understand is the surface water which may exist will not be drinkable. The rest is caught up in the ocean or cloud vapor. New tech will be necessary, tech that no one is promoting at the current time.

    Little details like that slip through BRP’s fingers like sand through their fingers. The tighter they grip, the more escapes. Nope – all BRP has in their toolbox is Dogma with an extra large selection of shame and guilt as toppings.

    As I understand the situation our world won’t end in twelve years, not exactly. The planet will survive the coming changes, of course She will. She survived all the dinosaurs after all. Humans though – that is a bit more complicated. I can’t speak for the rest of the globe but here in the USA our wasteful ways will catch up to us sooner rather than later depending on what actions are taken by private enterprise and our government and how swiftly they are implemented.

    I am so sad to be handing over the planet as she is to our young people. They deserve better. We did try back in the eighties but I watched as our greeting the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius morphed into a campaign chant of Greed is Good. It was not a good time to be a tree hugger, if you know what I mean?

    There is a reason Greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    Also (and too) you’d think folks would remember the important lessons but apparently we humans have to reinvent the wheel every fifty years or so. What a waste of ingenuity.

  13. G

    “Also (and too) you’d think folks would remember the important lessons but apparently we humans have to reinvent the wheel every fifty years or so. What a waste of ingenuity.”

    What a waste of resources, people, work experience, and more importantly, TIME, because you can’t get time back.

  14. Grey One talks sass


    When I really want to depress myself I imagine where humanity would be if religious extremists hadn’t interrupted progress.

    Can you imagine 500 years of scientific progress? There would have to be balance to ensure sustainability; science, the arts, and the nature of belief. At least that’s how I see my ‘what if’.

  15. G

    Grey One talk sass.

    Yeah, I hate it when religious extremists don’t believe in science and tried to stop it when considering the fact that they too benefitted from it. Otherwise, they would be sleeping in caves, hunting for food, dying from sickness and diseases, etc.

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