The Jesus Pilot

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Ted Furlow

From: Ted Furlow
Date: September 22, 2019 at 4:09:59 PM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>
Subject: The Jesus Pilot

I have resisted commenting on the farce of Lt Col Jonathan Dowty’s reckless blog because I dislike giving fools ink.  I have read the piece numerous times, and have tried to prayerfully reflect on this “Jesus Pilot’s” mindset.  No one can write this form of cruel drivel without some semblance of purpose, so I have been considering his point of view. The great Wilbur Smith, author of historical fiction regarding South Africa, once commented that the role of terrorism is  to outrage.  It was certainly true for political terrorism in 1950-1960 Africa, and  is true now in the social and political terrorism of today.   It is also true in the  journalistic terrorism that the anonymity of the internet offers.  While I dislike raising the Christian claptrap that “ Jesus Jonathan” offers up as journalism, it is representative of the thinly veiled theology of the Christian Right that barely shields the venom, judgementalism, misdirected certainty and the outright error of finger pointing.

It is a shame, in another time and place, Dowty would have been called out to a morning green to defend his dishonor.  Civilization limits our option in dealing with fools – more the pity.

ALS is a dreadful disease, and I pray that the courage that made Major Holloway a pilot will sustain him on this difficult journey.  My wife and I have added his name to our prayer group not because I think it will change his beliefs, but because as a real Christian I feel called to support and accompany him without conditions.  I have a limitless belief in the ridiculously resilient love and mercy of God,  and I believe that the good Major will not walk this journey alone.

Ted Furlow
MRFF Advisory Board Member





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  1. Grey One talks sass

    Thank you Ted. I could say more but anything I add will take away from your stellar example of practicing Christianity.

  2. BRP

    Dear Ted Furlow,

    You and your wife are not real Christians, otherwise you would pray for his salvation, knowing that without Christ he faces an eternity in the lake of fire along with his family.

  3. G

    BRP, how do you know what a true Christian is?

  4. Grey One talks sass

    G, people like BRP (I’m resisting the urge to call them burp as that’s all they add to a conversation) firmly believe there is only one true way to worship their deity.

    It’s a funny belief because if it was accurate there would be only one flavor of Christian. If one does a simple search they will find more than one church in their city, each claiming they alone have the One Twue interpretation of the Bible. Logically, all can’t be correct so the trope of One Way to worship is debunked by the number of non affiliated churches who couldn’t agree on the correct recipe for church lady potatoes, let alone biblical interpretation.

    It is hubris for BRP to tell another they aren’t practicing their faith correctly. But hubris is something Christian Nationalists have in abundance, may they be rewarded by their deity in the here/now.

  5. G

    Grey One talks sass.

    I know that people like BRP believe that their religious denomination is the one and only true denomination. Look at all the religious wars that had occurred between various Christians. You also have conflicts within the Muslims, Jewish, Hindus, and other religious groups.

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