Fort Jackson, Where Soldiers of “All Faiths” are “Welcome” to Get Baptized

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    I read reports like this one and I cringe because Christian Nationalism is alive and well in the United States Military.

    Those 170 souls who were baptized didn’t walk into faith of their own accord, especially since they all were baptized immediately after grueling training. When a person pushes their body beyond their endurance the mind enters a dissociative state meaning they are open to suggestion. Only charlatans would take advantage but these are Christian Nationalists so…. I guess the shoes fit.

    For the future I’d like to see regulations against such practices. Of course We The People have to kick all the Christian Nationalists out of the seats of power first. Guess We have work to do.

    Added note – I’m not even addressing the whole “We Baptize All Faiths” because I grew up with these sorts of folks. They are the ones who grew up with both kinds of music – Country AND Western! So Progressive!!!!! (heavy snark)***

    ***Nothing wrong with Country, Western, or Country Western music. I grew up listening to everything from Classical to Bluegrass, playing two instruments, and singing in a choir. I just know there is more to life than self imposed limits.

  2. Maxine Smith

    Tell me how you can question a persons decision to be baptized. A Christian can be baptized as many times as the Holy Spirit leads them. The act of baptism itself does not save you it is your faith in Jesus Christ that saves you. Baptism is a visible sign of ones faith. Thank you Lord Jesus for this Chaplain and for those experiencing their baptism maybe numerous times. For the one who wrote the above post you will answer to God for trying to silence Christianity.

  3. Grey One talks sass


    I’m fairly certain your deity set and I will never meet. After all, they are your deities, not mine.

    I’m interested in learning how I’m silencing Christianity by asking Christian Nationalists to respect boundaries and rules. Of course I’m not expecting a reply; I find if I eliminate expectations my life is much more satisfying.

    And for the record I didn’t question the recruits faith but the timing. I believe the gentleman known as the Baptizing Machine is without honor but that is only my opinion.

  4. WFZ

    Maxine Smith
    Amen to all you said.

  5. WFZ

    Grey One,
    I would be a million dollars and would win every time on you meeting my diety, because there is only One, His name is Yahweh, Adonai, Jehovah, Jesus.

    Now who are you in this big universe to determine a man’s honor, but I guaranteed that Jesus is honored by him obeying His command in the Great Commission.

    As far as baptism is concerned, since this chaplain is endorsed by the Southern Baptist Convention, he must adhered to their doctrine and ordinances, which are, they cannot baptize anyone without first verifying there was a genuine salvation experience of accepting Jesus as their Lord Savior.

    What is that verse in the bible that liberals and non believers like to throw out there, what was that, oh yeah, “judge not lest you be judged.”

  6. Grey One talks sass


    Exactly how does my offering judgement compare to prior usage by you and other Christian Nationalists? I’m not expecting anyone to change their behavior based on my words, although I do find people who take advantage and cross boundaries to be abhorrent.

    I’ve used those words before – judge not and all the rest – and when I do it’s because one of your lot has pronounced some poor soul isn’t the “CORRECT” sort of Christian or (gasp) isn’t even religious!!!

    I don’t care if the Chaplain was endorsed personally by their deity including a note from their mom – one doesn’t take advantage of soldiers after they’ve been through physical training. OK – one doesn’t if they have a shred of honor, but this chaplain is more about notches in their evangelical belt than actually saving souls. How do I know?


    I’ve been around you Christian Nationalists all my life. I find your lack of morals when it comes to relating to anyone outside your tribe to be a slap in the face of the deity you claim to revere.

    And no, I won’t be meeting your deity ever because you worship the god you created instead of the Deity who created you. How do I know? Experience.

  7. Grey One talks sass

    By the way WFZ, you wrote “because there is only One, His name is Yahweh, Adonai, Jehovah, Jesus.”

    Please get your stories straight. Exactly how is Jesus YHVH when Jesus was the son and YHVH was the father?

    I’m waiting with a worm on my tongue to hear THIS story!

  8. G

    Maxine, if baptism doesn’t save you, then why have it in the first place?

  9. WFZ

    There is an easy answer to that, it does not save us but Jesus commands us to. Baptism is an outward expression of what God has done inside us, He has washed our sins away, and it is also the way we identify before witnesses that we have committed our lives to Christ.

  10. WFZ

    Grey One,
    God is God, Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit is God. Jehovah is the transliteration for Yahweh. Adonai and HaShem are just different names for the same God Yahweh. The different names all describe a different part of His character, such as Jehovah-Rapha(God who heals), Jehovah-jireh(God who provides) etc.

  11. G

    WFZ, why would we need to be baptized if Christ died for our sins on the cross and furthermore, why would you want to baptize a baby when that baby didn’t commit any sin in the first place since it is not a fully developed human being?

    Where is your proof that being baptized shows our commitment to God since you don’t hear babies actually saying that they are committed to God once they get baptized? In addition, have you actually had babies tell you that God commanded them to get baptized?

    No, Jesus is not God, he is the son of God, and the Holy Spirit works for god and is not God. If God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are all the same person, then Jesus should have told himself, he was not going down to Earth and get himself murdered.

  12. OldSoldier

    I resent the MRFF mocking this Chaplain by calling him a “baptizing machine”. The spiritual well being of Soldiers is just as important as their physical needs. There have been nine chaplains who have won the Congressional Medal Of Honor. There was an American battleship called the Dorchester that sank during WWII and four of the chaplain’s on board gave their life jackets and their lives as well so that others might live. Chaplain’s have a wonderful honorable history in our armed forces. how dare you mock them MRFF! Grey one talks sass how dare you call them charlatans. I am glad Maxine gave you a good taste of your own medicine.

  13. G

    Old Soldier, so what about chaplains winning the Medal of Honor and having a place in the military? We still lost to the supposedly, atheists, Marxists, Communists during the Vietnam and why wasn’t God helping us to win in that war? Grey one talks sass gave Maxine a taste of her own medicine, not the other way around.

  14. G you evidently either never served in the military or are just a fool (I suspect both). Chaplain’s play one of the most vital roles in the military helping soldiers and their families. The fact we lost the Vietnam war has nothing to do with the great service they provided. Christ died for our sins but we are also responsible for what we do and have to confess and give ourselves to him. That’s what baptism is all about. By the way Gray one talks sass. How do you know that chaplain has no honor if you’ve never even met him. Talk about being a judgemental horse’s rear end. oh well, I expect no better from you.

  15. G

    No Tucker, you are the fool. You have guys like Old Soldiers talking about defeating the Communists or anyone else because our soldiers were good Christians with the help of God. Christ died for nothing because people are still sinning and I don’t believe they really repented for what they have done to their fellow human beings because: 1) they don’t believe that there is a god and 2) if they do believe in god, they figure that they will be forgiven no matter what they did to their fellow human beings.

    How do you know if the Chaplin has honor whether you have met him or not? People are really good at hiding their honor or rather lack of it until they are found out years later.

    People like you, old soldier, and Maxine are the ones who are judgemental and have the rear end of a St. Francis Assisi’s donkey which I am not surprised nor disappointed.

  16. Grey One talks sass

    Ah, Old Soldier – your dogmatic pearl clutching replies have been missed.

    Maxine gave me a dose of my own medicine? Really? Because I’m still waiting for her to make a point instead of throwing vague Christian Nationalist threats. So far the only thing she’s hit is the broad side of the barn. I’m still here sipping my coffee, just waiting.

    How can I judge the Chaplain known as the Baptizing Machine? I judge them by their actions and based on that criteria I know Chaplain (CPT) Chris Rice is taking advantage.

    I looked up the training exercise called The Forge. Per the Army’s site: “The “Forge” is a grueling, 96-hour, cumulative training exercise that puts week-seven trainees in a patrol base as they encounter a multitude of combat and logistical scenarios. (Jul 12, 2018)”.

    The whole point of Basic Training is to break down the civilian to make the soldier. The process is not gentle or polite. In fact, from the outside looking in, it looks a lot like torture. The recruits have to build reliance on their comrades and superior officers. They are trained to not ask questions but to obey and to obey quickly.

    While not ‘In Charge Officially’ a Chaplain is seen as a person of Authority and after 96 hours (that’s four days) of solid training exercises designed to test the recruits limits and progress they’d follow any authority figure. It’s what they just trained for the past seven weeks to do. That’s how I know this particular Chaplain is only in it for the notches and anyone who defends this boundary crossing dishonorable behavior is equally lacking in character. (cue Old Soldier harrumphing How Dare I and You Offend Me!!!)

    WFZ – Wow – that was quite the story. And you never did explain how Jesus and God could be the same person and Father and Son at the same time. Do you even know? I mean, I know how the Cardinals and Bishops twisted themselves into an ecumenical pretzel back in the day (way back, like the just after the Church got started way back) to explain The Trinity and whether or not Jesus was a man or divine. Seems a bit forced.

    Also the whole – there is only one? Even your holy book admits the existence of other deities so why the Highlander routine?

  17. WFZ

    Christ’s death on the cross was not to stop people from sinning, our sin nature always is with us even to the day we die, what Christ’s death was for, was to take the penalty our sins deserve(death) and so that we can have forgiveness of our sins. What every person deserves is the cross for our sins, but Christ took the penalty of our sins upon Himself. However, every person throughout history must make the choice to accept Christ’s sacrifice and yield their lives to Him as their Lord and Savior.

  18. G

    No TWZ, many of us were raised to believe that we still had to pay for our sins when we meet God after we die. God wasted his time with sending his son to Earth and die for nothing.

    “Every person throughout history must make the choice to accept Christ’s sacrifice and yield their lives to Him as their Lord and Savior.”

    Sorry, but your statement doesn’t apply to people of different religions who have a different perspective on death, life after death, hell, heaven, etc.

    Again, why would we need to be baptized if Christ died for our sins on the cross and furthermore, why would you want to baptize a baby when that baby didn’t commit any sin in the first place since it is not a fully developed human being?

    Again, where is your proof that being baptized shows our commitment to God since you don’t hear babies actually saying that they are committed to God once they get baptized? In addition, have you actually had babies tell you that God commanded them to get baptized?

  19. Grey One talks sass

    The hubris** of WFZ’s statement “However, every person throughout history must make the choice to accept Christ’s sacrifice and yield their lives to Him as their Lord and Savior.”

    Every person.
    Throughout history.

    Every person. Including all those who lived and died millennia before Christ was even a wink in his dad’s eye.

    I’m going to extrapolate that WFZ believes in the moral superiority of Judeo-Christian values even though they can’t identify one value which is exclusively, you know, Judeo-Christian.

    Spoiler alert- there aren’t any.

    Christian Nationalists need to accept humility into their heart. Oh wait, they can’t because they believe they have the answers for everyone and everything.

    Another spoiler alert – they don’t.

    **Hubris – noun: excessive pride or self-confidence. In Greek tragedy hubris is excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.

  20. J Lorian

    Wow. Okay, firstly let me say that I am not Christian…but I used to be. I was raised Catholic. I read the article. I read the comments and there are several valid points on both sides…some churches do baptize again as often as needed throughout a persons life and the article does not say, 170 soldiers converted to Christianity after heavy training…it says they were baptized. I mean really, big deal. There could have been 170 more who ran off to their High Priestesses to be smudged in sage but that doesn’t make the news. What is troubling about this article is this comment: “Even people of the WRONG religion are welcome to be baptized into the RIGHT religion”. Ayuh, Christians, I’m looking at you. What makes you thing your mythology, and I am using that word correctly and appropriately, is any more valid than mine? Do you honestly think you have cornered the market on theology because you’ve killed and bred it out? I mean, that part is not a myth. Your god is a bloody one and Christians have committed atrocities in his name for nearly 2000 years. What every soldier really wants…what they really pray to many different gods for, is peace. And I want that for them and that begins right here, right now by accepting that there is no one sacred path; we are diverse and wonderful beings and if we don’t come together and embrace those differences we will destroy ourselves and our divinity will die with us. And not a single god will mourn our passing.

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