White House Adviser Launches Project To Protect Trump From Witches And Demons

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  1. Eric Cooper

    As a Witch and Veteran, I find this whole movement and evangelical terrorism offensive. What a bunch of ass-hats and maybe they should do a whole lot of research into what it is they are talking about, also so much for our 1st Amendment huh.

  2. BioLib

    I bet one of your favorite movies is Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters eh?

    Uh Eric, you are serving Satan and you just do not know it. If God commanded the Israelites to kill witches, sounds like He thinks they are very dangerous.

  3. ironmoped

    So you’d be protecting him from himself the fucking wanker! Wake up America! The rest of the world thinks you’re stupid and guess what? They’re right!
    You’re going to get somewhere voting for Trump! You’re going to get a land of poverty, inequality, serfdom and your grandchildren serving the rich in their protected enclaves – protected against the proletariat that your grandchildren will be a part of!

    Yeah, so vote Trump! Keep up the good work! Don’t you think Republican kids ought to fight Republican wars?

  4. BioLib

    A lot better than fags and perverts teaching in our schools along with mentally I’ll people who think they are another sex but can never become another sex.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    It is a pickle, innit? Folks expecting the promise of America to be true; equal rights means equal.

    And then there are the folks with their literal interpretation of a two thousand old collection of stories the ancestors told each other over the fire at night. An interpretation, by the way, that came to light at most some two hundred years ago. How is that for historical consistency?

    The Christian Nationalist idea of Religious Freedom is to stomp their foot on the neck of anyone they don’t like (if you need a list of undesirables BioLib is a good source). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here; Christian Nationalists do not share.

    What Christian Nationalists miss in their quest for world domination is their messaging is so last century. Hating on the LGBTQA community was once profitable. Now? Every family has at least one person represented on the Christian Nationalist To Be Hated List. And, the message is getting drowned out in the reality of here/now as bigots let go their hate in order to reconnect with their family. Love does triumph over hate after all.

    If people like BioLib really wanted to focus on those who do harm they’d do a better job of policing themselves. The internet is filled with accounts of bad behavior performed by religious people in authority. And no, I’m not just speaking of the atrocities committed by the RCC. Let’s just say Christian Nationalists didn’t attend class the day the word consent was covered.

    BioLib, your track record speaks for itself, you have no moral authority, and your threats of hell are laughable. Go back to your cage. You can try to take over the world again tomorrow.

    (Is anyone else hearing the theme music to Pinky and the Brain? Just me? I’ll show myself out now).

  6. Grey One talks sass

    I’ve read through Paula White’s prayer a couple of times and I keep coming back to one thought –

    In an effort to combat the “evils” of witchcraft Ms White practices…

    wait for it…


    The logic fails of this administration are enough to drive a person to drink. Indeed what is up is down and it’s not We The People who is doing the reversal; it’s the Christian Nationalists.

    “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. …” Master Oogway, Kung Fu Panda

  7. BioLib

    How dies White practice witchcraft?

  8. G

    Your question does make any sense Biolib?

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