Jewish Group Urges Army to End Ban on Biblical ‘Dog Tags’

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  1. WFZ337

    God bless this Jewish group, they just threw Mikey under the bus. At least we have it confirmed who the real Jews are and who is the fake Jew (Mikey).

  2. Grey One talks sass

    WFZ337 – if you told the whole truth ever in your life all matter would stop moving in sheer astonishment. As matter continues to move per the laws of physics I’m going to say such an event will never happen.

    The group you praised is the Jewish equivalent to Christian Nationalists. Great people you say, until that whole you need to convert subject comes up at the holiday dinner table, amirite?

    The law is the law. Strange how you are fine with breaking it.

  3. G

    WFZ2337, yeah and you have the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and the various Protestant churches, so you tell me who are the real Christians among this assort groups?

  4. WFZ337

    Grey One,
    So, are you saying that Jews cannot be Zionists and proud of their country. I see nothing wrong with Jewish Nationalists. You are right, Jews still need to accept Jesus as their Messiah in order to have eternal life. Jesus told them that when He was here on earth.

  5. WFZ337

    All those denominations you mentioned, they are all apostate and do not preach the true gospel of Christ. Enough said.

  6. G

    WFZ337, who then does preach the true gospel of Christ? Secondly, I can’t recall any of those groups publicly renouncing their religious beliefs although they certainly don’t practice them. You have said anything.

  7. G

    WFZ337, on Yahoo News yesterday, there was an article about companies looking at no longer offering pensions to new workers. Well, if that occurs, then maybe we should get rid of the military pensions for people who are thinking about joining the military. If civilians can’t get a pension, then neither should the military. Colonel Wilkerson told reported Abby Martin, that the military personnel costs if they keep going up, will consume half of the Pentagon budget, so lets get rid of medical care, pensions, retention bonuses, etc. to keep the costs down.

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