11/4/20 – MRFF Grieves the Loss of Another Military Veteran Client to Suicide

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1 Comment

  1. Grey One Talks Sass


    I address this comment to you, although it can honestly cover your whole team.

    As a person who lived with suicidal ideation for decades, I might have a perspective helpful to you.

    Mikey, you did nothing wrong. I know you tell yourself that but there is always a lingering What If….

    The soldier who chose to end themselves had their reasons for doing what they did. Simply put, sometimes a thing or person gets broke beyond fixing. The damage done can’t be seen. There are acts, events, or feelings that are so… enormous that words fail.

    So, those still living are charged to honor the dead and vow to change a system which chews up good soldiers and spits them out after anything of value has been extracted.

    Let’s work for a future where all soldiers no matter the branch receive the proper mental health and support to transition from civilian to soldier and back to civilian.

    My heart hurts with you and yours. May their memory become a blessing.

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