12/23/20 – MRFF’s Resolute Efforts Prevail! Veterans Administration Finally Removes Nazi Headstones From Ft. Sam Houston Nat’l Cemetery

“The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), headed by Jewish War Veterans (JWV) member and 1977 Air Force Academy graduate, Mikey Weinstein, took the outside lead in the successful effort to remove these swastika headstones. […]”

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  1. Fuk Commie snoflks

    This is a disgrace. The men who decided to place those headstones felt it justified. An now these POS sniveling children have feels to disgrace a grave knowing there is no one left alive to defend it.
    There was evil on both sides of that war. And not all of the opposing force was Hitler. They were solders who were fighting and following orders. Look at the innocent lives lost from the Obama administrationbs8 years and the Clinton/Bush war machine.Some day I hope someone shits on your graves. .

  2. Rusty Talbot

    I don’t see anything in the article about the stones being replaced by others that don’t bear offensive iconography. At a minimum, I think that should be done. They died in our custody as prisoners of war. It has been a very long time. I would also support the idea of repatriating the remains of these soldiers to a German military cemetery.

  3. Ironmoped

    Hey Fuk Commie – Fuk off!

  4. Concerned

    The headstones should be replaced with ones not bearing the swastika. German soldiers were conscripts and had no choice whether or not to fight. They fought and died for their country like any other soldier. Most germans didn’t even know the extent of the holocaust and most were horrified to learn the truth after the war. The germans were not evil people, but hitler and his high command were. Truthfully this seems rather low and petty. People cant even look at a swastika without being so offended, but if it was a hammer and cycle they wouldn’t care despite the fact Stalin and the Soviets killed far more people and even Jews then hitler and the nazis ever did. No government acts without committing great sin. Its easy to point at the WW2 germany and say they were wrong which in many ways they were, but the allies played a massive part in the rise of hitler by crippling germany so severely after WW1. Desperation breeds madness. If the german people hadn’t been so desperate maybe hitler would never have been able to gain power and traction like he did. Our ancestors who fought the war didn’t think this was a bad idea or out of line, why should we now? If the men and women of fought against the germans and saw the camps first hand didnt think this was wrong, what right does the MRFF have to force this to happen? I see the humanity in all people and when it comes to WW2 german soldiers its very simple. If you were wearing a grey uniform you were probably just a joe shmoe cought in a tumultuous period trying to survive a vicious authoritarian government. If you were wearing a black SS uniform you were probably I pretty nasty person. It isn’t rocket science. Its all about context. We shouldn’t white wash history. You wouldn’t white wash your own memories and we shouldn’t do it to the collective memory of humanity AE history. Its not like these grave stones were a shrine to Neo-Nazis. This was just very petty.

  5. William Taylor

    I’m confused.
    These two German citizens became American POWs, during WWII. I’m guessing that they died here on American soil and or were murdered by the American military. So, we buried them, did not return their remains to their families after the war, so still POWs till this day, but dead ones. Someone thought it fitting to put offensive symbols on their gravestones. The VA or whomever has a “list” of acceptable symbols for gravestones, makes good sense. Did this “list” exist back in 194x or whatever these prisoners were killed and buried? OR are we now removing these because we really, really, really do want to whitewash global history? Let me pose a question here, suppose a young person were visiting that cemetery with a grandparent or parent and spotted that grave marker. That young person asks about the odd markings and the elder has the opportunity to tell the horrific story of WWII to this young person. Maybe even a personal account or one handed down through the generation. Now you have removed that opportunity, left all history tucked up nice and safe in some museum or high School history class and text book. Do you know how engaging a HS history class can be to some young minds? Yes, like watching grass grow! Finally, you took such nice shots of the gravestones being removed, but what now? Do these two humans that were buried there get nothing? Are the powers to be simply going to fill in the gravestones holes and act as if there never were two humans that ever existed? Pretty sad if you ask me. Or….will they get itty, bitty tiny concrete markers with maybe just their names on the markers? Oh, how about just make one, “German #1 and German #2”. If you are such an upstanding organization, then you should replace each gravestone with a nice marble or granite one of like size. Okay, last idea, you took such nifty photos of the removal, how about you photograph and post the pics if the replacement process or at least of the new high quality gravestones. Happy New Year

  6. Reinhard Heydrich

    Oy vey! True patriots died for their homeland, better desecrate their graves.

  7. Forrest

    Don’t desecrate graves. They gave their life for their ideals. Let them have their symbol on their graves. When the Islamist takes over a nation, they remove the symbol of the previous people and we call them barbaric for doing so. This is the same.

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