12/26/20 – A White “Supremacist” Christmas: CNN & ABC News Nat’l MRFF Coverage Rouses a Rash of Anti-Semitic Hatemail! Your Support is Imperative!

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  1. Michael Mazur

    6,000,000 jews were not gassed by anybody. Your own census data shows more jews worldwide in 1947 than in 1939.
    You have no right whatever to be maligning the German people, having forced the war on them, and now looting them for reparations for forever on the basis of this biggest lie of all time.
    You’re just a noisy dual citizen, just like 60 others in Congress, who need to resign or shed their Israeli citizenship, for treason is what they do best with every breath of their body, latest being this covid19 stimulus bill, in which Israel is to get $3.3Bn if passed by the Pres. Why ?? You lot are nothing if not parasites of the first order ! Extrapolate that over 1year and it really is $10Bn for NOTHING !

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Michael Mazur,

    You lack cognitive ability. The Nazis themselves kept amazing detailed records surrounding each and every prisoner of war – how much they ate, what labor was produced. Millions of humans were gassed by the Nazis and there are pictures to prove it.

    The Germans as a nation disavowed their Nazi past, something we Americans need to do as well.

    Your anti-Semitism is broadcast loud and clear. Are you sure you aren’t a Nazi yourself?

    I mean, if it quacks like a goose it stands to reason that it won’t be walking like a duck if you get my drift.

  3. Ironmoped

    Maligning the German people and forcing the war on them???? So we made Germany invade Poland?

    So, if I were to berate Hitler and his henchmen, I would be maligning the German people?

    Does that mean I malign my own countrymen when I talk bad about Trump? I talk bad about that dipshit all the time – to include his henchmen (and women)!

    And, obtw, it was $500 million to Israel (your numbers are way off!), and it was NOT part of the Covid bill, it was military assistance (different pot of money). Whether Israel should get it or not is a different conversation, but you’re conflating made up numbers with Covid relief to Israel. In other words, “you’re making shit up!” Use Google, only takes a second or two!

    The backlash is over Americans receiving a paltry $600 dollars under Covid relief while Israel gets 1/2 Billion for missile development. And, obtw, I’m not a fan of that dipshit right winger Netanyahu either!

    Following your logic I guess I’m also maligning Israelis because I think Netanyahu is a schmuck?

    I’m still working on it but I try to engage my brain before my mouth!

  4. Ironmoped

    Pew Research shows 9.5 million Jews in Europe in 1939, by 1945 there were 3.8 million. Israel didn’t become a State until 47, so……where do you think they went? California?

    Are you pulling these numbers out of your ass? Don’t be so fucking lazy! Look it up before you open your mouth!

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