“Today Trump committed treason.” MRFF Advisory Board Member and Nationally Recognized Civil Rights Attorney Pedro L. Irigonegaray

From: Pedro L Irigonegaray <email address withheld>
Date: January 6, 2021 at 5:53:34 PM MST
To: Michael L Weinstein
Subject: 1/6/‘21

Dear brother Mikey,

Good evening.

Today Trump committed treason.  The Trump incited mob attack on our nation’s Capitol, our democracy must not go unpunished.

I love you brother, thank you for your invaluable service to our nation. Thank you for your courageous and unrelenting defense of our constitution.

Our nation will survive Trump. We must never forget his treasonous, cowardly and dangerous conduct.

Buenas noches hermano,

Pedro Luis


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  1. Grey One Talks Sass

    I’ve read across the interwebz IQ45 committed sedition, not treason.

    I’m not a lawyer so I’m not confident in discerning the difference.

    However labeled, the 4 deaths which occurred yesterday at the Capital Occupation are directly the responsibility of all who pushed violent rhetoric (looking at you Gohmert clones) when the 50+ lawsuits charging fraud were dismissed.

    All any of the backers of the suits had to do was present evidence aka receipts aka facts aka proof. All they had was nothing.

    Well, nothing except many lawyerly statements denying fraud to the judge because lying in court is serious. Super serious when a lawyerly type.

    A whole lot of nothing blown into scary monsters by humans more concerned with their grifting off of followers preprogrammed to follow Voices of Authority. (Always follow the money!)

    Those of us who’ve read a few things in history knew these events were coming. It sucks to have to watch and know there is nothing one can do to stop a stampede headed for a cliff.

  2. Stryper777

    Trump had nothing to do with it. Facial recognition has proven that there were BLM and Antifa people also involved, That is Antifa’s MO, to infiltrate and appear as Trump supporters. He never said anything to incite anyone to do what was done.

    If there has been any treason it has been on the part of the Democrats. I am sure Biden will never enter oval office and I am sure Killery will have something to do about that. Biden right now has the brain of an ant and sure talks like one as well. Patriots will make sure that all those involved in this treason will be rounded up and executed by a military firing squad.

    Don’t think we will go quietly into the night, we will make sure that Biden’s four years will be a living hell for him and the Democrats and we will throw in Mikey too for no charge.

  3. A.L. Hern

    Really? Despite the fact that the riot was organized by known right-wing provocateurs, neo-Nazis and white supremacists who posted their intentions and photos and videos of their actions ON THEIR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES.

    But I have news for you, Stryper, old boy, facial recognition HAS proved that there right-wing provocteurs — many of the same ones involved in yesterday’s riot and criminal break-in of the Capitol — embedded in last year’s BLM protests and anti-Fascist protests, and that THEY INCITED VIOLENCE TO IMPLICATE THE PEACEFUL PROTESTORS and tar the protestors’ movements.

  4. Grey One Talks Sass

    Stryper777, apparently you don’t read Twitter because your dear leaders own words condemn him.

    When Lord Dampnut first took power four long years ago I was admonished by the resident Christian Nationalist here at the time not to be hysterical, that We The People would soon become exhausted of winning when Trump made America great.

    Yeah, about that….

    In the here/now where We The People are dying at an average rate of three thousand per day, I’m not seeing how that is a positive.

    And yes, yes, the GOP Voices of Authority have all their followers convinced COVID-19 is a hoax but Reality (and COVID) doesn’t give two hoots about anyone’s narrative, it steamrolls all things until they are flat. The Pandemic is real and our current administration decided to play politics because at first only Blue states were affected. And the worst part is there is tape of these cretins admitting to as much.

    Our nation has been under attack for a while. The attempted coup on Wednesday was just the logical conclusion to years of lies and fanning the flames of racism and entitlement.

    No mystery, just facts lined up to tell a story of failure due to greed and ego taking precedence instead of honor and sacrifice for the greater good.

    Pretty sure Stryper777 won’t agree with me. Fairly certain reality (and facts) is on my side.

  5. Ironmoped

    Yeah, I agree with Stryper! Everyone knows that Obama, who secretly leads a global pedophilia ring along with Hillary, was the master puppeteer behind the attack on the Capital building and that all those that entered the building were actually Black Panthers in “white face!” Everyone knows that white people don’t do things like that, only black people do! The other secret the Government doesn’t want us to know is that we have interplanetary species walking among us and that Obama, while he was President, signed a compact with these Aliens from Zoar to subjugate Americans, in particular, because they are so easily controlled! The attack on the Capital is just a distraction from the real goings-on, the takeover of the nation by interplanetary intruders! The biggest obstacle to the complete takeover of the planet is Donald Trump! Thank God he is trying to save us! And that’s why the concerted effort to get rid of him! He knows too much! He knows that Aliens live among us but he can’t say it or there would be sheer panic around the globe. Those he calls out on Twitter are not humans – they’re Aliens! Only a select few of our species will he chosen by the Zoarastrians to live with them and that’s why Trump is fighting for us! He knows if he doesn’t get rid of these Alien intruders, we are all doomed!


    Don’t waste your breath on these MAGA mother fuckers. They will eventually weed themselves out of the gene pool and we can get on with creation of a social construct that we all want to contribute to and be a part of!

    In their defense, conservatives lack of mental acuity is documented in a University College of London research study that confirms a larger amygdala and less grey matter in the area of the brain that deals with complexity. The amygdala, being the “fight or flight” center of the brain, makes conservatives ability to process inputs more fear-laden and anxiety prone. I wish I could blame them outright but it appears they are just incapable of discernment on any issue of even minimal complexity.

  6. Tom O

    “Some of President Trump’s supporters have tried to blame Wednesday’s mob assault on the U.S. Capitol on left-wing “antifa” protesters — even though numerous prominent Trump fans posed for photos during the riot and bragged about their involvement after publicly planning the assault for weeks. Many of these claims are based on a Washington Times report that cited facial recognition company XRVision, claiming it had “matched” two purported antifa members to “men inside the Senate.” The company issued a statement calling the report a lie and clarifying that it had actually matched the photos to two members of a neo-Nazi organization and a QAnon supporter. The statement confirmed what was already obvious from countless photos, videos and live-streams posted by the rioters themselves while waving Trump flags and wearing MAGA gear.
    “XRVision views the Washington Times publication as outright false, misleading, and defamatory,” the company said in a statement. “Our attorney has contacted the Washington Times and has instructed them to ‘Cease and Desist’ from any claims regarding the sourcing of XRVision analytics, retract their current claims, and publish an apology.”
    from https://www.salon.com/2021/01/07/videos-show-prominent-trump-supporters-in-capitol-riot–but-his-fox-news-fans-blame-antifa/

  7. Tom O

    Washington Times retraction (with bullshit attempts to use other anonymous sources to again claim antifa was involved) is at

  8. ironmoped

    Why weren’t the Capital police prepared? They knew it was coming! There’s a LOT more to this story! It was an orchestrated and planned coup attempt. The likes of Mo Brooks, Hawley, Giuliani, Cruz, Trump and his kids, the members of the Senate and House that contested the election results – all are complicit – THEY attacked the Capital building by proxy! It was by their hand, planning, and orchestration that this treasonous attempt was carried out!

    If Stryper is right about the military tribunals, we’re going to be missing more than a few Republicans!

    One of their proxies, Elizabeth from Knoxville, TN said it best, “we’re storming the capital – it’s a revolution!” But she got maced! “Awe, shucks!” Darn it, “I hate when that happens!” 🙂

    All male Republicans should be issued tasers – they won’t need instructions on how to shoot themselves in the balls! Hah! Naw, never mind, they’re ball less anyway!

    Justice WILL prevail in spite of Republicans having “left the farm” into batshit crazy never never land. You can rest assured that Biden isn’t taking the job for fame or fortune – you’d have to be out of your Effing mind to want to have to clean up the Trump mess!

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